I am a vegetarian of 30 years, and when meat slips unannounced into something I ate, I will know it in about three hours when I have to run not walk to a toilet with diarrhea. Later the public started calling this community as Brahmin caste. Slowly people recognized the importance of life and reduced non-vegetarian food to certain extent. Certain communities were treated bad due to bad practices by certain people. Follow him! Simply put, a real Brahmin is a vegetarian that doesn’t mean every vegetarian is a Brahmin. Brahmins of the Vedic times were non-vegerarians, as Manu says in his code. But all our ancestors propagated, supported and fought for Brahmanism. which are Situational & there are possible Advantages & Disadvantages which are Not Completely Verified &/or Understood save for the Religious Diktats. True Brahminism has nothing to do with religion in the narrow sense. A Kshatriya should eat the cooked flesh of a quarry after Jiaving They have clearly noted in all scriptures that “Sattvik Lifestyle” is perfect for Ayru-Arogya-Soukhya (longevity, health and happiness). (56, 57). Please help us to distribute books to create awareness! The sastras has clearly mentioned eat which suits you..no discrimination..The concept of veg and non-veg evolved more during peak of Jaininsm…Please educate people about facts.. and their is nothing called backward forward caste…. I thought brahmins were not supposed to eat meat but I was reading MahAbhArata when I came across the following in … Through various types of disciplines (samskaras), he becomes dvija (twice born). A Brahmin uses his pen to kill a man, a Sudra uses his knife to kill a man. The writer mentions in the beginning that Brahmins are not born Brahmins and they have to prove themselves before they can be ordained one. That may seem a small percentage of vegans, but in 2008, just 0.5% of the US population was vegan. i think it pertains to all caste.time to break the caste barriers.as long as you realize that there is no pure caste historically the solution become simple.i think people should learn to lead their own lives and not butt into other lives.and not fight about silly stuff.we shoud learn to respect written history and interpret it open unbiased mind.then there wont be such controversies.beacause history like science deals with facts/, I do agree with you guys. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. rev 2020.12.10.38158, The best answers are voted up and rise to the top, Like any library, Hinduism Stack Exchange shares great information, but, Hinduism Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled, Start here for a quick overview of the site, Detailed answers to any questions you might have, Discuss the workings and policies of this site, Learn more about Stack Overflow the company, Learn more about hiring developers or posting ads with us, it became a sin only after Lord Buddha appeared according to Swami Vivekananda:). The people who regularly eat non-vegetarian showed some difficulties in pronunciation and also toxic effects of the excessive meat and fats. It shouldn’t scare you. I'm trying to search for a reason for this also. propitiated therewith the gods and his departed manes. Cooking it at any cooking station makes it safer to eat by creating theribeye steak. Leaves of any plant are green when they grow old they turn yellow. Udayalal Pai mama …. They mostly eat Chicken and Mutton. Manu Smriti includes meat (prepared without spices) among Havi (i.e. How Does ‘Sukruta’ Of Our Parents Come To Our Rescue? May be article is… But no body has right to kill the living beings. Instead of peddling something that held good a hundred years back why not evolve the meaning of Brahmin to be more inclusive and less restrictive. You seem to imply that there are two races (between north and south) and this is profoundly incorrect. Sri. For iphone, nook,cobo, sony reader: It is true that in Gita Lord Krishna has mentioned that the division of the four seperate classes among the people is based on their characteristics and deeds. That is not the question here. What would happen if you chose to eat red meat every day? Very good article, merely being born in a brahmin family one cannot become a brahmin. Answer Save. Recent research indicating pre-Śramaṇa origins. They thrived to be one…. Bhramin is not a caste, which is clearly mentioned in it. Don’t you think it’s a good cycle which world is following through ages? But that has changed during the last 1000 years. An Undercover Army Can inspiration allow the Rogue to make a Sneak Attack? The Fascist Killers – The Politics of Violence and Massacre. My personal opinion is that ,Brahmins or as a matter of fact any caste (Indian terminology which is frankly speaking a term for inherited profession )are anyone who are able to learn & understand nature & apply the acquired knowledge for the goodness of mankind not the ones who goes about memorizing shlokas in a language which majority dont understand (and foolishly thinking of having acquired supernatural skills when infact its the mere knowledge of a new language).A Noble person is known by his deeds not by his caste! Sant Namdev, Sant Ravidass, Sant Kabir and Guru Nanak were not caste Brahmins. How much do u know about DNA’s to rubbish about it ?! Why did the Non-Brahmin give up beef-eating? You are right. This is also why the people of the four castes ( Bhramin, vaishya, kshathria and shudhra) eat different types of food because catse systems were actually based on the work they do. Right now, I’m eating a largely plant-based diet while incorporating some fish, eggs, and meat. To determine every thing God has created Gene/DNA etc. Brahmin on the other hand is the idea of knowledge. The preferred beasts of burden utilized by wastelanders all across post-War America, brahmin are typically used by caravans, independent traders and those simply looking to start a new life. Pork is generally not preferred by Hindus. Good people are those who respect their chapprasis to chairmen for their work. Please try to read any bill board which is 100 meters away from you.I am sure you find it difficult. Do you call him professor? 2) egg has life in it, is it not “dead body part” Also, i do not eat meat on tuesdays and thursdays. How about this… People literally lived like in dark ages since 2000 years and only recently like 100-200 years ago industrialisation and modernisation started happening… People started using the conveniences of these modern times… Instead of literally walking to reach point A to point B from one end of the subcontinent to another they started using vehicles… According to your theory this should’ve messed up the DNA as well… People started using mixer grinders to make chutneys, refrigerators to store food, microwave ovens to heat them, wet grinders to make dosa batters doesn’t these mess up the DNA as well as they are not being old school byusing their muscles the way our ancestors did? Dairy from happy cows permitted: Milk products, butter, yogurt, cream, ghee, etc. what is vegetarian? While I agree with the overall prmise, the subtext is incorrect. The next Clause says that if a Brahmana has a strong desire to consume meat, he may make an animal of clarified butter and eat. The evolved people dreamed that their descendants follow the Sattvik life style by being vegetarian – this slowly developed into a community thinking. It is not mentioned anywhere in any vedas for humans to consume any animal meat or to kill any animals, few Brahmins who started consuming meat they manipulated some of the Puranas to prove themselves right. I think He used food to bring himself back to the normal state from the ecstatic heights he was always lingering. It was a lucid one. So, if meat eating had been entirely prohibited for him, the following verse would not have been said: 4.112. Your ancestors wanted you to live a life of a pure Brahmin. i am vegetarian I will not support the nonveg. !All such classifications are farce! Then join its head and tail with a mantra so that it gets life again.” Fair enough. Not a caste. I have one point to make as regards the habit of eating fish by Bengali, Oriyan and GS brahmins. All we can do is encourage our children to follow oir thousands( not 2 or 3) of year old tradition. Years of following a certain practice brings about a regression but the concept of Brahmana remains firm. Why would a company prevent their employees from selling their pre-IPO equity? The funniest part was physical work was considered lower than the mental work. Very informative.Thanks a lot…I love to see more article from you sir…, Hi sir, A piece of meat from the two-headed mutant cow. The majority is decided by various other factors. In our day to day life, it is common parlance to hear people reacting to angry behaviour by saying that afterall the person is habituated to eating salt,spicy things and it is natural for him to behave in the way. What's New? U know nothing of our religion pretending to be a genius . So do not contradict unless you have enough knowledge to counter. There’s is a lot of truth in what’s been said here…, Everything ok but u had stated that no god has born as born as brahmin but what about vamana and parusuram.. please do reply my fb id prasanna venkatesh iyer s, I disagree on a fundamental count, the Bhagvad Geeta makes three references to caste and duty, while your analysis on aspiring to be Brahmin might be better founded it is completely untrue to claim that there is no text in favour of Brahminism. The matter makes sense & the response of readers regarding the DNA changes cud be taken to be a bit of misunderstanding the scientific concepts as changes in DNA do Not Normally Exhibit the Effects for a few Generations except in Rare cases & in Cancers etc. Dont preach the wrong things of caste and dont always look for reservation based on caste. A rational and logical view of the term ‘Brahman’. Ram, I’m sceptical about DNA. Varna is also an explanatory of brahmana.please study the fundamentals of samathana dharma. When you are born in a Brahmin family, the existence gives you a great opportunity to be vegetarian hence you can be a Sattvik following cosmically ordained life style of non-violence. Sages like Vasishta, Viswamitra, Vyasa, Jambooka rishi, Shrunga muni, Valmiki, Agasthya, Gowtama etc were not born in Brahmin caste. As far as eating habits of other countries are concerned they were compelled by Regional Conditions which are very much different from India. If you look at the scadinavian countries, which rank highest in ethics and happyness, are all meat eating countries. Focus on Sattvik life style…At least, some corrections in life can happen…” In parliamentary democracy, how do Ministers compensate for their potential lack of relevant experience to run their own ministry? I feel very happy when i read such article , We have been following the Cast. Let us be humans first and not try to be God. Their races are different. !RU EVEN BRAHMIN TO WRITE ANY CRAP! Thank you once again. Be Hindu. Perception of meat as being the cornerstone of healthy diet is shifting generationally as well. 4.27. -Havent you taken vaccines in your childhood which are infact weak diluted solutions of dead disease causing micro-organisms.How can you inject dead bodies into your system? Was Ram a Castiest? The reference to DNA changes is absurd. Let’s get connected: People then wanted to survive in this world. food that are fit to be offered in Vedic sacrifices). But no one has the right to criticize or object to the non-vegetarianism of others. Ambedkar thought education brings respect but at the same time the people who can’t digest the fact created hatred inside their minds and treated them badly and this raised hatred from the lower caste as they say towards the upper caste. I dont think He mentioned anthing as Kaliyuga. Your views expressed are well informed. Dear sir I am very much pleased about the facts given by you for the braminisim .The persons belonged to the brahmin community thinks that they are next to god and they acclaim they suppierieour community in the entire world. When Shwetketu replied that he didn’t know of it, his father gave the knowledge to him,”tatwamasi shwetketu.”. Coming to the point where you mentioned by genes getting affected by brahmins eating non-veg, I have a doubt will a person born in a non – brahmin family, basically a non-vegetarian when such a person stops eating non veg and becomes a vegetarian, will his genes get affected? One question. In Universe there is no religion .Ancestors done the catagoriaes the Brahmin. Hence vegetarianism is the basic foundation of Brahminism. Indian economy: Doubts of a naive, ignorant village man! Those who followed Sattvik food and life style were elevated to a position of Brahmin. Anonym. So how do we “create conflict with our DNA?”. Remember? But there is a huge negative for this. How to answer such people? Dont eat something which you do not like.. that causes harm. June 12, 2015, A question from my reader Amitabh Sharma: “Sir, I have seen lot of Brahmins eat non-vegetarian food. Serving a Brahmin and offering him alms is like serving God himself. Then how to define vegetarian person? Schudra. However he never craved for it. on account of a birth or a death. The Unknown Facts Beyond Gaza and Israel: Is It Relevant To You? Secondly fear of your ancestors wrath is not good reasoning at all. They claim that, because they were made from God Brahma's head, they are the "chosen people of God." Does my concept for light speed travel pass the "handwave test"? Absolutely true. Should be translated especially in Tamil and circulated among Tamil dailies and magazines..because the OUT OF MIND THINKING PEOPLE ARE IN GREAT NUMBER IN TAMILNADU rather than other states or nations.!!!!! A well written and thought provoking article which at length dealt with all aspects of brahminic way of life. Nothing happens to your DNA or something like that. A true Brahmin in simple term is a satvik person TOTALLY – and lives for other souls in society AND WORLD AT LARGE.It is not only born out of birth in a brahmin family but it comes out 100% by the way an individual follow the principles of “SANATHANA DHARMA ” 100 % AND LIVES according to Dharma Sastras.Any person who strictly follows the tenets prescribed in scriptures and adheres to satvik food , not animal food( killing living animals ) and lives a simple way of life by himself, for himself and for all fellow beings ,saturated with karuna ( karunyam ) in heart , in thinking , planing and execution carries the genes of ” Brahminism “.He never amass wealth but he begs from others in society for day today livelihood by unchavrithi ( begging in crude term , ) and inturn serve the society by educating them – giving highest knowledge he has learnt, the needed selfless advice for their prosperity,health and disciplined way of life .Inshort they are the abode of complete knowledge, unselfish to core and always aimed at a life of sacrifice in all spheres to a build society clean and concerned for all living and non living inert matters.They live for peace , work for peace and aim for peace from all corners and directions eight , existing in this universe. Is it safe to disable IPv6 on my Debian server? Food habits in no way are connected to your mental and physical states, happy and unhappy people are everywhere whether they eat meat or not and their DNA is 99% same. It is really a very true and authentic. More the cells that need to be replaced as they are damaged more is the stress on the regulatory components which prevent errors of genetic duplication which will be overwhelmed at some point leading to higher chances of getting abnormal cells read cancer, as one example. WhatsApp Number: +919447533409 (Only for personal and private messages. Cooking it at any cooking station makes it safer to eat by creating the ribeye steak. Problem is u are blinded by hatred for brahmins (it could be ur disability or a failure or illogical world views or perceptional deficiency ). keep writing such articles…..thoroughly enjoyed readin. Professions followed by these groups also might have got respect and priorities. Therefore, as the generations passed, people from vegetarian background weren’t as strong as the non vegetarians. Hinduism Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for followers of the Hindu religion and those interested in learning more about Hinduism. Do u use ur brains? !! when Brahmin parents get Female child does author saying the child is not Brahmin….What qualification you required for this. If its just deed why do you have to compare it with a community? If you are eating meat then eat but please dont blame it on the Hindu vedas. Go green it helps you. Prople got tired because they failed to follow.. Sanatana dharma is for al.. Its not true that brahmon children were not allowed to play or mingle with other children. Brahmin meat is a consumable item in Fallout 4. Please provide concrete references to prove that is the case and do not propagate misinformation with pseudo scientific language to appeal to an audience with halfbaked knowledge. The problem is the artificial food that we eat today whether veg or non-veg. No one has the right to kill. Why crib about Brahmanism eating anything is personal. Never knew these things before. All Brahmins in Vedic and epic’s period were non-vegetarian. (whether by birth or merit) even the pandits have the fullest ultimate knowledge are begging. tree or plant is not widely eaten as u r saying go green. This has come to the top stage when Jainism and Buddhism came to existence as they taught the necessity of the fellow life. Some Hindus who did eat meat made a special exception and did not eat the meat of cow. A boy born in the families of brahmins gets an additional advantage because of the surroundings and circumstances to obtain the necessary qualifications easier than a person born in another class. WHAT UTTER SHIT IS THIS! He asked is son if he had acquired all the knowledge. Still some people will follow it in the name of tradition. Eating “dead body part” is what made me intriguing… He cant live a day without meat or fish. Kshtiya its because of their capabilities . Hence many yardsticks could have been evolved. Meat is considered a delicacy in the mahAbhArata. Accidents happen, and occasionally my friends have not read ingredients labels properly and fed me food that wasn't vegan. Poompozhilan. What you eat,drink define yourself to certain extent (minority)only. Website: www.udaypai.in (See http://udaypai.in/?p=12) A Brahmin’s son/daughter cannot be called Brahmin until and unless he/she qualify as so. That happened! Just because your classmate’s father is a doctor, will you address her as doctor? you can just say be satvik and vegetarian…why say if one practices it becomes brahman. I also know Bengali Brahmins eat meat and so do Kashmiri and other Northern Brahmins. Brahmins might have been looked at with respect during vedic ages but there is nothing to make that community special or stand apart today, the same as Jains, Sikhs etc who think their way of life as supreme. Is uprooting vegetables and plucking fruits also not a painful/merciless act just as killing animals for meat? The article began with the right perspective analysis and clarity but half way through it showed the colours of the heart of the author. I'm trying to search for a reason for this also. They are also used as transportation and to haul heavy loads that could not be otherwise carried. But that is just fine. I have already discussed about the DNA conflicts and function of Brain in some articles. It was non-Brahmins who upheld the positions of Brahmins seeing them as role models. Is it not wrong to eat them ? Why did this tradition arise? KEEP IT UP. I am not yet brahmin!!!?? Your email address will not be published. What's New? Coming to eating of meats , yes if a brahmin eats meat it willbe digested by the ” jatara agni ” in stomach like any other humans and excreted as a waste from body.Nothing more and specific and at times may lead to indigestion.According to ” THE WALKING GOD OF THIS CENTURY – KANCI PARAMACHARYA ” IN HIS words during discourses has clearly said , that eating meat , non veg food by Brahmins they loose their power of ” MANTRA SAKTHI ” , i.e. Eating satvik food is a precursor to leading a life of chaste/devoid of any desire to achieve brahmagnana. They produces more CO2 than veg. The creation is associated with the knowledge and this knowledge must be distributed or taught in a proper way. ( Shunning meat) or”Abstinence from Flesh”..there are 10 beautiful Kurals which will enthrall who possess the logic minds..the 10th Kural(260 th kural)in that adhikaram..the translation given by the Great Kavi Yogi Shudhdhanandha Bharathi..”All lives shall lift their palms to him..” Who eats not flesh nor kills with whim”….If a hen or a goat bow before you and request not to kill..will anyone dare to kill? Did Swami Vivekananda eat fish and meat before he turned a sannyasi? Which instructions actually? In the United States, now 6% of the population is vegan (no meat, no dairy, no eggs), with 30% of the population actively choosing to eat less meat. Did Ram Kill Shambuka, the Dalit? Just look around and see the increasing infertility, genetic disorders and diseases, physical ailments among Brahmin families….Some Brahmin castes are becoming extinct… ..”, “You are scaring me Uday Sir….What will I do then sir…. He never ventured to have sex with his wife even… Swami Vivekananda though a kshtriya by birth and a regular eater of non veg came out of this to prove that he was a worthy successor to Ramakrishna.. At later stages he commented that he is a vegetarian as long as vegetarian food is available… But both have conquered their bodily instincts and sex with the opposite sex was completely absent in their lives… So knower of Brahman is Brahmin and not otherwise… The point that a person born in a brahminimal background has got a better chance to achieve this as he has been told about this from his younger ages is well appreciated.

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