Hera and Kanan followed Vidian in a hovertruck while Skelly continued the pursuit on his speeder bike. Some time later, Hera was forced to deal with the problems of her other young charge, Sabine, who struggled with the secrecy Hera maintained regarding their primary contact, Fulcrum. [15], Meanwhile, Sabine and Zeb managed to overpower Numa and Gobi in the munitions racket. Despite Kanan's reluctance, Hera reminded her lover that it was not about him. If Hera Syndulla, the Ghost’s pilot and last-standing of the titular Rebels, does appear on-screen, then she’s absolutely going to die. While the rebels failed to capture shield generators, they succeeded in securing more fuel supplies. Before they could make their escape, Hera and her rebel comrades were confronted by the Sith Lord Darth Vader. When Hera offered to go for a spin in the Blade Wing, Quarrie declined but offered to help them repair the Phantom. [87], Hera's love of flying was evident in her skill as a pilot, Besides being an able and effective leader, Hera was also an exceptionally skilled pilot. The Iron Squadron declined Hera's offer of assistance and destroyed an Imperial Gozanti-class cruiser. She and Kanan had spent many resources trying to find the Bridgers but proved unsuccessful, but found new hope in news of a prison break. However, Tolvan betrayed her and attacked the Son-tuul Pride. Unable to return to Lothal at present, the Ghost crew found themselves a part of Phoenix Squadron, for better or worse. Kanan also revealed his identity by using the Force to save them from being crushed to death by a falling catwalk. Kanan ultimately took up Hera's advice and Sabine was able to come to terms with her past and training. Hera assured the crew they don't know the Geonosians were dead for sure and continued towards the construction module. During the Empire Day celebrations that night, the Ghost's crew decided to destroy a new TIE Advanced v1 prototype that was displayed to the Lothalian public. Height Hera then offered to take Mich Matt and his fellow technicians back to their homes. Meanwhile, Hera was waiting aboard the Phantom when the ship's sensors detected something approaching the shuttle. [95], Organa and her team were successful in inspiring the Mon Cala Mercantile Fleet to rebel, which obtained the Alliance many Star Cruisers that were refitted at Mako-Ta with the help of Queen Trios of Shu-Torun. Before leaving, the Ghost destroyed the gas refinery in order to deny its services to the Empire. [32], After Zeb and Kanan lost Chopper in a game of sabacc with the entrepreneur Lando Calrissian, Hera took on a job from the man in order to reclaim her droid. Kenobi counseled Ezra to return to Lothal because the boy's place was with the rebels. [79], Hera was then able to bring the flight recorder to Senator Mothma at Yavin. Despite their failure to rescue Luminara, Kanan's relationship with his Padawan Ezra improved as a result of their experiences in the Spire.[27]. When a pilot named Dicer disappeared on the Atollon Coral Mesa, Hera and her crewmates investigated only to be attacked by Krykna Spiders, who abducted Rex. After raiding an Imperial supply depot, the lives of the Ghost's crew were left in jeopardy, with four TIE Fighters circling the ship. However, she crash-landed on Yavin. Hera wanted to abort her recon mission to Lothal but Kanan managed to convince her to proceed with the mission. Kanan Jarrus, a Jedi who survived Order 66, joined her during the Gorse conflict and eventually became her lover and father of her son. Forced to show Maul around the ship, Hera inadvertently led him to Kanan's Holocron, as Maul was able to probe her mind and learn it's location and Ezra's history with it, as well as Kanan's real name. While Ezra and his strike team freed Hondo and his Ugnaught companion Terba, Hera remained airborne with the Ghost. The fleet attacked a group of Imperial freighters and knocked supplies loose from one of the vessels. During the fighting in the spaceport, Ezra was separated from his team but managed to return to Hera. She then went to the briefing to report on the supply run's failure. With the ship down, Hera and the Rebels went aboard but when their only way to Kanan was sealed up, Hera, along with Zeb and Sabine went a separate way while Ezra took a short cut through the ventilation shafts. [83], Chopper then changed the subject by pointing out that Kanan had gotten Hera her family's Kalikori back. While an adept fighter Hera was also very diplomatic and knew how to unite her crew to reach a common goal. Upon returning to Lothal, Ezra returned Kanan's holocron that he had grabbed earlier. Unaware of this problem, Hera and Sabine departed in the Phantom. Not only was the mission to help resupply Barma Battle Group, but Syndulla intended for the new squadron to grow closer to each other with the experience. [67], On the request of Senator Organa and Commander Sato, Hera, her fellow Spectres, and Rex accepted a mission to find Saw Gerrera and investigate the apparent disappearance of the Geonosian species. Still, she regarded him as being better than the Empire. Hera and her friend soon welcomed Massassi Group to Atollon, only to receive a warning from Fulcrum about Thrawn; this was quickly followed by the arrival of the Seventh Fleet. Hera, with Kanan's help, then flew the Ghost threw a fog. Shortly thereafter, Hera and her crewmates would return to Geonosis, acting on orders from Bail Organa to search for a missing Rebel team that had been sent to Geonosis to further investigate the Ghost Crew's previous findings. [85], Outside the temple, Hera discussed the situation with Zeb and Chopper. The three then went off to repair the bike. Hera managed to evacuate her ship and Zeb just as they came under attack from two TIE bombers. Species Cham Syndulla was revealed t… She is the daughter of Cham Syndulla, who appeared in the episode "Liberty on Ryloth" of Star Wars: The Clone Wars before reappearing on Rebels. The other rebels also loaded their stolen canisters onto the ship. Hera flew away in order to lose the TIEs and later returned to pick of the others. Hera then deliberately crash-landed the bomber to convince the Imperials that the damage was real.[15]. The courier turned out to be a GNK-series power droid named EG-86. Despite an attack by Chopper, AP-5 managed to open the hatch back to the ship but was thrown into space. Once in the cockpit, Hera asked Zeb and Ezra whether the AT-DP walker had been helping them. Several months passed following the mission to Malachor, during which Ezra took a more active leadership role and became dangerously aggressive in his use of the Force, as seen during a mission he led to rescue Hondo from an Imperial prison. Shortly, Ezra and Sabine arrived on their gunship. Syndulla's passion for flying had led her to leave her family and later to join the Rebellion. But I think that's how much she loves him and yearns to connect with him, that she even lets that guard down to speak in their shared accent. His father was Jedi Knight Kanan Jarrus, who was killed in combat against the Galactic Empire while saving Hera and their crew shortly before Lothal's liberation. Posla told Syndulla that Tolvan was still in the vents before the rest of them set off. However, she and her fellow pilots then came under attack by more TIEs. Hera tried to shut down the ship but to no avail. While Hera infiltrated the facility, he would wait outside with the bus and pretend that he was having engine trouble. Hera hid in the refinery's ventilation shafts. Hera was born in the years before the Clone Wars, and when they broke out and Ryloth became occupied by the Separatists, her father, Cham Syndulla, led a resistance to liberate their people. They then came under attack by Thrawn's assassin, Rukh and started to run away. After Thrawn allowed them to escape in order to observe an "experiment," the rebels fled into Ryloth's wasteland. [21], After returning to her ship, Hera managed to intercept the mining companies' signals and discovered that a dissident miner named Skelly had resisted Imperial arrest and conducted an illegal test bombing in the mining moon's Zone Forty-Two. Vizago fled without paying the crew of the Ghost. As a result, strains developed in the relationship between Hera and her father. Hera was willing to let go of the past if it meant furthering the rebel cause. After beating them into submission, Maul warned Hera and Sabine that they were only alive as long as they were useful to him. Syndulla piloted an X-wing fighter to break the blockade of Lothal. Prior to boarding the blockade runner, Tseebo confided in Hera that he had failed Ezra's parents and told her that he had volunteered for a cybernetic implant in order to make up for the wrong he had done. Kanan pushed the gunship out of harm's way but was consumed by the explosive wave, killing him. The cyborg Count managed to overpower the rebels and blinded Zaluna during the struggle. [72], Realizing that the Imperial intelligence operators were operating from a ship with a powerful communications array, Hera used Chopper to reverse their feed on them. As a highly capable pilot and captain, Hera took good care of her ship, as well as her crew. They also found out that Vidian had faked the test bombing results on Cynda to show that the detonation would not destroy the moon's thorilide crystals; when the original report showed otherwise. Alliance to Restore the Republic[7]Spectres[8]Phoenix Squadron[9]Alliance High Command[10]Gamma Group[11]New Republic[6]Barma Battle Group[6]New Republic High Command[12]Nadiri fleet[13] This had the effect of shocking the krykna but it failed to drive them away. In the end, Hera managed to win over her father by telling him that he had inspired her to join the rebellion against the Empire. The jump ignited the contents of the construction module. [11], Syndulla was put in charge of Gamma group, Hera and the crew of the Geist could only sit defenseless and watch as Death Squadron decimated the rebel fleet, sending rebel leaders like Lajaie and Bob Hudsol to their fiery demises. Tolvan contacted the command center of Hivebase-1 declaring the Lucrehulk Prime commandeered by her. [108] Marshall returned to portray the character in the 2020 video game Star Wars: Squadrons,[13] where she also provided motion capture work for the character. Rushing back into the cockpit, Sabine informed Hera that there were stormtroopers in the back and that they were on the wrong ship. Hondo explained that his friend Terba had been a laborer there who had worked on dismantling decommissioned Y-wing starfighters. [74], Hera managed to lobby the rebel leader Mon Mothma into allowing Kanan, Ezra, and Chopper leave to aid Sabine and Clan Wren's efforts to rescue Alrich Wren, Sabine's father and the head of Clan Wren who had been imprisoned by the Imperial proxy Governor Tiber Saxon. Saw and Rex's team managed to disable the droidekas by capturing the Geonosian, whom Ezra later nicknamed "Klik-Klak." Meanwhile, Hera and Sabine manned the helm of the Ghost while Zeb manned the ship's rear turret cannon. She then confided in Chopper that Kanan believed he could change things despite his misgivings about the Rebellion. Star Wars Squadrons puts the focus on space battles and the story will feature an array of characters from the series, like Hera from Rebels. [75] Hera then went on a supply run with Antilles using several Y-Wings. After stealing an Imperial Freighter, Hera and the Rebels journeyed to Mustafar, where the Imperials had Kanan. Hera distrusted Hondo and was hostile towards Azmorigan due to their unpleasant encounter with Lando Calrissian. Hera was less than enthusiastic about the development, knowing of ship accidents involving the creatures that had cost friends of hers their live, but was forced to go along with Ezra's unexpected bonding with them. Upon traveling there, Hera devised a plan which involved the rebels raiding the depot while Chopper stayed behind with the Ghost to watch out for Imperial forces. Following the meeting, Hera retreated to a separate room with Chopper and Ezra. Because of its rarity, Hera hoped Ezra and Zeb would be gone longer, leaving her and Kanan some time to relax. One of the sentry droids captured Azmorigan and Zeb and locked them away in the brig. [15] Hera was a brave and creative pilot who was willing to undertake difficult challenges including smuggling the rebel leader Mon Mothma through the dangerous Archeon pass. Hera also ordered Sabine to man the Ghost's nose gun and Ezra to fix the ship's navicomputer. Hera was the wife and the sister of the Greek god Zeus and was the goddess of women, childbirth, and marriage. When Hera asked them if anything could go wrong, Ezra assured them that they would be alright since they had Rex, a veteran of the Clone Wars, with them. Syndulla helped in recruiting Rex for the rebel cause. [33], When they rendezvoused with Lando's contact the crime lord Azmorigan, Hera went aboard with Lando and Kanan. Thrawn demanded their surrender and threatened to kill Hera's comrades if she refused. Thus, the rebels succeeded in recruiting the Clone troopers for the rebel cause. They were further surprised when Chava and Gron, the pair in question, identified Zeb as the former leader of the Lasan High Honor Guard, something he had never revealed to his crewmates. Despite Hera's attempts to escape detection by powering down the Ghost and Chopper, the droid spotted their ship and Ezra was forced to destroy the pod during a brief pursuit. In her expanded leadership role, Hera coordinated several missions from the Rebels' stopover point on Garel, including sending Ezra, Sabine, and Chopper to meet a GNK Power Droid carrying vital intelligence. However, Hera ordered Chopper to activate the explosives. She also privately warned Kanan about Saw's harsh methods. Upon arriving above Geonosis, Hera noticed that the Imperial construction module and the debris that they had seen during their last mission to the planet had been cleared away. However, Cham and her entire crew insisting on coming with her, saying that whatever was important to Hera was also important to them. Around that time, the Rodian Tseebo, who worked for the Imperial Information Office had gone missing and the Imperial authorities had launched a manhunt. Hera and the Ghost then came under attack by several TIE/D Defenders and were forced to leave Ezra and Sabine. With the fight against the Empire escalating, Sabine explained that she needed to know more about Fulcrum in order to know that her struggle was not in vain. Hera's quick thinking allowed Gold Leader and Ezra to disable the Star Destroyers that intercepted the Ghost on the other side of the Archeon Nebula, through which Thrawn had predicted she would try to escape. When Grand Admiral Thrawn entered and asked if Hera had divulged the location of the Rebel fleet, Pryce responded that she had not begun questioning her prisoner yet. When Ezra advocated with proceeding with the mission, Hera advised sending a reconnaissance mission first. Later, Hera led a successful mission to rescue Mart from the Empire. After Ryder's hologram projection disappeared, Hera realized that the Imperials were jamming their long-range communications. She attempted to shoot the glass around the cockpit, but Hera grabbed her arm and popped it off using the ship's controls. The acquisition of the Imperial fighter carrier boosted the Phoenix rebels' forces. Her father Cham was a prominent Twi'lek revolutionary who had fought against the Confederacy of Independent Systems in the Clone Wars and later against the Galactic Empire. [61], Hera and Ezra attempted to escape through a secret passage in the basement but found that it had been converted into a command center. Hera flew the Ghost to distract the TIEs while the other Spectres took the Phantom to board the freighter. However, Rex was taken captive by the creatures. Hera was present when Sabine and Ketsu returned from their mission. Fortunately for Hera, the rebels were rescued by a fleet of rebel starships, which included the Ghost, Chopper's stolen freighter, and two blockade runners. [92], Aphra began putting her plan into action: When she chased her Tooka to the control center of Lucrehulk Prime, when she first met Syndulla, she had bugged the system. [82], Hera and her rebel comrades were deeply affected by Kanan's death at the Lothal City fuel depot. She later likened it to "someone from Tennessee or Texas, or something like that, when they get into an argument with their father, all of a sudden, they're a Southern belle. While Hera, Zeb, and Sabine traveled down to the planet in the Phantom, Kanan, Ezra, and Chopper traveled on the Ghost to rendezvous with a supply ship in preparation for a second attempt to break the Imperial blockade of Ibaar. With Rex and Zeb serving as her crew, Hera took the Ghost into battle alongside Phoenix and Green Squadrons to try and protect their ships. Though Hera and Kallus had their misgivings about Hondo's plan, she agreed to trust the Weequay pirate. The Rebels soon set their sights on finding a new base for their growing group, but found it difficult to locate a suitable site; it was then that Ahsoka suggested seeking out an old ally of hers, Clone Trooper Captain Rex. While Kanan used the Phantom to harry the convoy's TIE fighter escorts, Hera used the Ghost's weapons systems to attack the middle Gozanti cruiser; which Kanan had determined was ferrying the kyber crystal. Comments The Twi’lek could bring out the best in her team, making them believe in themselves. While Hera and Chopper prepared the hyperdrive, Mothma tried to stall the Imperials with a list of demands. Twi'lek[3] As a highly capable pilot and captain, Hera took good care of her ship, as well as her crew. Meanwhile, the remaining Imperial forces on the ground were overwhelmed by a pack of Loth-wolves. However, Pryce rejected their demands and ordered Konstantine to activate their Star Destroyer's tractor beam projector. During the ensuing dogfight, three Y-wings were destroyed. [59], After discovering Hera's reluctance to tell him the location of the Kanan's holocron, Maul weakened her by revealing that he knew Kanan's real name: Caleb Dume. After knocking out Maul's droids, the rebels fled down the ladder into the cargo hold. Starros finished explaining it and asked Syndulla if she ever had that and when no reply came, she stated that love was like fireworks and flew her ship towards the pirate station as the battle began. There was not enough time for Quarrie and the rebels to address the ship's problem. As Kanan, Zeb, Sabine and Chopper went aboard, Hera along with Ezra stayed with the ship where they spotted an incoming Star Destroyer. Hera and Kanan expressed skepticism about the success of Skelly's plan. They had previously dealt with Galus, but due to Imperial activity nearby, Galus refused to deal with Hera, because it would be too much trouble to get rid of any sign that the Spectres were there. She reluctantly complied but later changed her mind after Ezra and his companions disobeyed her orders. After Zeb stunned Chopper, Hera advocated striking back against the Empire for harming her droid. Things are going really well on Star Wars Rebels, and I’m very proud of the work the team is doing. [77], As a passionate rebel leader, Hera successfully lobbied for the Rebel Alliance to take out the TIE/D Defender factories on Lothal and to aid the people of Lothal, who were suffering under Imperial oppression. After Ezra and Chopper returned on Maul's starship Nightbrother, Hera along with Kanan and Zeb met the two wayward rebels. However, Mart stayed behind and attempted to take on an Imperial force led by Admiral Konstantine. Hera and her crew soon returned to Lothal, only for Tua to be killed by an explosive during their rescue attempt; they were then framed for the attack, forcing them to find a way off Lothal. As part of the plan, Sabine along with Kanan, Chopper, and Ezra would jump onto the refinery's bridge. See more ideas about hera syndulla, hera, star wars rebels. However, Skelly bombed Vidian's shuttle Truncheon in an attempt to assassinate the Count. Hera and the other rebels were present at Chopper Base's runway when the Phantom returned. Hera Syndulla is a character who appears in Star Wars: Squadrons.1 1 Biography 1.1 Galactic Civil War 2 Behind the Scenes 3 Appearance 4 See Also 5 References Near the conclusion of the Galactic Civil War, Hera Syndulla served the New Republic.1 Hera Syndulla first appeared in the 2014 television series Star Wars Rebels, created by Dave Filoni, Simon Kinberg, and Carrie Beck. With the help of Hondo, Melch, and Ketsu, Hera used the Ghost to shoot down several of Pryce's patrol transports. Sabine managed to escape the structure and joined Hera and Zeb in escaping the scene. Mothma in return complimented Hera for her willingness to take dangerous risks and courageous leadership. [23] Hera first honed her skills as a rebel pilot during a relief mission to Ryloth following the failed assassination attempt on the Emperor and Lord Vader. Hera suggested turning to their old friend, Lando Calrissian for help. By that stage, the salvage team had reached the Imperial ship's cargo bay. After some discussion, Hera and her rebel colleagues agreed to rescue Minister Tua. The rebels then embarked on their plan to expel the Empire from Lothal by using a faux Protocol 13 to order Imperial forces to evacuate aboard the Dome, which turned out to be a mobile Imperial Planetary Occupation Facility. Prior to departing, she assigned Captain Zeb the position of Chief of Security at Chopper Base. Respecting her as a leader and mother figure, Ezra recognized her and the other rebels' contributions to their victory. When he fainted, Hera asked Kanan what was wrong but her lover had no answers. [52], On Garel, Sabine and Ketsu were attempting to smuggle food offplanet for the Rebellion; however, their mission went awry when they were discovered by stormtroopers. [117] She made a cameo appearance as a General in the Alliance Fleet in the episode "Trouble on Tibalt," which was released on June 17, 2017,[118] and more throughout the season, including her being at the Battle of Endor and the subsequent celebration in Bright Tree Village.[119]. Despite their differences, she managed to convince her father and his rebel cell to help her crew to steal an Imperial fighter-carrier.

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