A medium-sized banana contains about 420mg of potassium, and the recommended intake for adults is 4,700mg every day. According to Dr Daryl Gioffre, who created the AlkaMind diet, bananas are actually harmful to eat as a breakfast substitute.. If, by the time you finish dinner, you've consumed your weight-maintenance calorie needs, whether that's 1,600 calories or 2,400 calories per day, and then you eat a medium banana before bed, that will bring you a little more than 100 calories over your daily goal. The sweet tart satisfies the evening sweet teeth while at the same time giving you an antioxidant boost. For those looking for a cool treat before going to bed, cottage cheese is a perfect choice. If you are the type of person who experiences night muscle cramps, then eating a banana will reduce the risk of night cramps. But, there are also foods that may be beneficial for your health if you eat … It might constrict airways and cause respiratory problems. Here are more healthy snacks to eat at night. If you suddenly increase your intake of fiber or consume it in huge amounts, it takes a lot of effort for your large intestine to break down the fiber, and it can thus cause gas. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, consumption of more than 100 mg of vitamin B6 without prescription can result in nerve damage (5). Oats are rich in fiber, and the relaxing and satisfying effects bring a feeling of satiation without adding too many calories. Banana smoothie. However, eating the fruits in excess may trigger headaches and sleepiness, Flores said. They contain potassium and fiber, and are low in calories. Eating fruits at night is harmful because the sugars in the fruits will spike your energy levels. Since bananas are stored at room temperature, they can get spoiled easily and should be eaten within two days since the day of purchase. Magnesium in bananas lowers brain temperature, and this is important in hormonal regulation. If you asked most people why eating bananas is good for them, the most common reply would be that they are rich in potassium. In addition, it is rich in calcium which eases your sleep, and the protein in the cottage cheese will prevent acid reflux. And of course, plenty of people believe that eating an apple, pear, or banana after dinner can be a simple and sweet treat. Shocked? Consuming bananas can result in gas (12). If you are naturally lean and don’t care much about gaining … Eaten in moderation, there are no significant side effects associated with eating bananas. They contain soluble fiber and fructose, both of which can cause gas. They have fewer calories and high fiber content to keep you full for long. Watch out for symptoms such as increased or reduced pulse rate, light-headedness, and faintness. Bananas are the perfect source of energy and taking several bananas will help you meet your daily fruit recommendations. A ripe banana, on the other hand, can help alleviate constipation. As this is a time your body is winding down, a rise in energy can cause insomnia and listlessness. Disadvantages of Drinking Tea Disadvantages of drinking tea There are many types of tea depending upon ingredients in it. It is not recommended to eat spicy, fried and fatty food before you go to sleep. Do give us your feedback in the comments section below. StyleCraze provides content of general nature that is designed for informational purposes only. Why not eat bananas at night before bed. A study conducted by the Journal of Medical Case Reports reveals such extreme cases of banana allergy even in infants (9). A big banana can provide about 50% of daily intake of vitamin B6. This is all the more true in the case of overripe bananas as they have a higher glycemic index as compared to regular bananas (13). Are you EATING Banana After DINNER?Disadvantages of EATING Banana with Empty Stomach revealed in this video on VTube Telugu. Nuts are a good choice for a snack anytime of the day because they provide a combination of healthy fat and protein which alleviates hunger while providing nutrients. Instead, fruits and veggies with high water content like watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe, peaches, cucumber, lettuce, zucchini, cabbage, etc. Tannic acid obstructs the secretion of the gastrointestinal fluid and curbs gastrointestinal motility (10). Is it a myth or not? A person suffering from this allergy displays symptoms like swollen lips, irritated throat, swollen tongue, etc. Fiber is good for the health of the heart and digestive system and can lower the risk of getting type 2 diabetes. When you are hungry or crave for something sweet at night, you search for anything that will satiate your appetite from the fridge. Most people do not meet the RDA. Tyramine, a substance found in many foods like cheese, fish, meats, and bananas is a trigger for migraine headaches, the University of Maryland Medical Centre reports (1). Moreover, the fiber in the popcorn will help you feel satisfied for longer time. Banana. The high fiber content of bananas … Some experts argue that eating fruits at night can disrupt sleep and upset hormonal balance. But yes, you should avoid eating it late at night. While it is a norm in many households to eat cucumber salads alongside every meal, some people stay away from consuming the vegetable, especially during night … According to research conducted in 2012, less than 2% of American adults reach the daily recommended intake of potassium. hyperkalemia is a serious health condition that can occur due to the consumption of too much potassium. Eating bananas at night is essential in combating insomnia because the fruit has amino acid tryptophan. It is recommended that you consume two bananas daily. A medium-sized banana gives about 3g of fiber. You must, therefore, avoid overindulging in bananas if you’re on this drug as you may experience irregular heartbeat and palpitations. They are important in controlling the circadian rhythms, sleep and mood. Bananas are great breakfast for people on the go. Deficiency in potassium is a condition called hypokalemia which can affect sleep and lead to muscle cramping, fatigue, and heart irregularities. Bananas fit the ‘medium-level’ glycemic food category, which means that they have the ability to cause a slight spike in your blood sugar levels. As per a study conducted by the Annals of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, those individuals who are allergic to latex display hypersensitivity to bananas too (7). If you want to go to bed feeling full without really being too full, then you should try a bowl of oats. And eating a fruit at night is healthier than eating the ordinary snacks packed with unhealthy sugar and fat. How much is too many depends on the individuals needs for certain vitamins and minerals, but eating too many can have unpleasant side effects. In fact there are many health benefits that can be obtained by eating bananas, just read on to find out more. Magnesium helps battle insomnia, and this will help you go to sleep faster and longer. Their respiratory troubles inhibit blood oxygen levels from rising, and they can experience shock. Here are some warnings and precautions regarding the consumption of bananas: According to a report published by the National Consumers League and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, following are the major banana-drug interactions (14): If you are a heart patient, your doctor may have prescribed you a type of medication called beta-blockers. Hyperkalemia is a condition caused due to excess potassium in the blood and is identified through symptoms like uneven pulse rate, nausea, and irregular heartbeat that can even lead to heart attack. Diuretics also help reduce the swelling caused by heart or liver problems. Bananas are one of the main fruits with a high content of magnesium. However, the possibility of nerve damage through banana consumption seems rare unless you are a bodybuilder with a banana obsession or if you are participating in a banana eating competition. Eating bananas at night will increase the relevant nutrients intake, which can optimize a night sleep. The disappointing part of eating a late night dinner can lead to weight gain. Are They Good For You? They help treat high blood pressure too. Why not eat bananas at night before bed? Ragweed allergy is a condition that causes your immune system to react when you inhale ragweed (weeds that grow throughout the United States) pollen grains. There is no harm in eating bananas at night. The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends every healthy adult to enjoy two cups of fruit daily (equal to two bananas). Always thought that beginning your day with a banana was a great idea? Copyright WWW.NEWHEALTHADVISOR.ORG © 2020, All rights Reserved. Cottage cheese has slow digesting protein, which will ward off hunger. MILK AND BANANA- TWO DIFFERENT ENTITIES: Milk is loaded with proteins, vitamins and minerals like riboflavin, calcium… Doctors prescribe diuretics to help the body remove water, sodium, and chloride. Research indicates that a compound in bananas helps in fighting bacteria which are linked with stomach ulcers; however, further research is still underway. Unless, of course, you have a health concern that doesn’t allow you to eat them. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The more caloric the food is, the harder it will be for your body to absorb it, and you will end up with ruining your diet. Though we have listed down all the cons of eating bananas, we cannot deny the fact that when eaten in moderation, they are good for you. A medium-sized banana contains 105 calories. Bananas contain nutrients which will help you relax on bed. Bananas are one among the world’s most widely consumed fruits and are chock-full of essential nutrients that help ward off many physiological and psychological troubles. Migraine. A new study finds consuming half a handful of peanuts or nuts daily could reduce the risk of death from cancer, respiratory diseases, diabetes, among a number of other conditions. Like beta-blockers, they increase the amount of potassium in the blood. Eating late at night, if you are on diet, can be bad for you. Here are the benefits of eating bananas at night. Banana can aggravate problems like mucus, cough, and colds. Summary Eating a banana several times a week may reduce your risk of kidney disease by up to 50%. Deficiency of nutrients may deprive you of sleep. Most foods that you eat late at night can make you gain weight. As per the Linus Pauling Institute of Oregon State University, a dosage of potassium greater than 18 g can cause hyperkalemia in adults (2). And in this, symptoms like pulse irregular, nausea and cut in heart rate are seen. All along, we have known that bananas aid bowel movements, but the magic lies in how ripe the bananas are. Eating food high in potassium aids in lowering the risk of high blood pressure. Bananas also contain high doses of magnesium, a mineral that aids muscle relaxation. You can have them in the evening because they will satisfy the need for a crunchy snack and you do not have to eat a lot to feel full. This can be very dangerous. In case your kidneys don’t function properly, keep your intake of bananas to a minimum. If you’re often troubled by excruciating migraine attacks, you may want to avoid including bananas in your daily diet. Click here for additional information . Low levels of tryptophan can lead to insomnia and other side effects such as depression. Bananas have sweet flavor which will satisfy the craving, and can provide minerals, vitamins and fiber at the same time. Bananas contain two electrolytes potassium and magnesium. Moreover, eat the bananas at least an hour before you go to bed to prevent any stomach issues. It is a perfect snack in the evening because about 3 cups of popcorn contain only 100 calories. Increase amount of bananas when consumed can lead to many health concerns like weight gain, increase in sugar content and sometimes stimulate headaches and sleepiness. Therefore, when you consume foods like bananas, their particles rest between the teeth for about two hours and thus attract more bacteria, resulting in more cavities. 2. Unripe or green bananas are rich in resistant starches, which can increase the risk of constipation. Some individuals allergic to bananas can also experience a serious immune response with a sudden drop in blood pressure. Only then, you can make the best of the benefits of bananas. 10. In case you want to increase your intake of bananas, do consult your doctor to know the recommended dosage.

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