If you want a microwave that heats faster and more evenly than the mass of generic Midea-made clones, without a huge added cost, consider one of Panasonic’s inverter microwaves. Then, wipe the inside clean with a paper towel or use an abrasive sponge for any stuck-on food. Likewise, nearly all microwaves let you adjust the power level. We also like the Toshiba EM925A5A (or whichever model of the 900-watt, 0.9-cubic-foot Toshiba is available). The “official” results from our soup-heating test were unclear; the liquid got only slightly hotter overall than competing models made it, but the bowl itself became unbearably hot, suggesting that the Panasonic had more power than other models (and that we should use a different bowl next time). Schiffmann said that even if you spend hundreds on an oven, “it’s not a guarantee it’ll be all that much better” than the cheap, run-of-the-mill models. Most of the typical preset programs are here as well, though the shortcut buttons bring up cryptic sub-commands that aren’t very self-explanatory. — Rachel Ellison, Product Tester, The Panasonic NN-SN966S offers 2.2 cubic feet of interior space and 1,250 watts of power to heat food in less time than much of the competition. Finding the best microwaves under $200 can be a bit of a task, especially with all the different models that are on the market and within this price range. The information helps us to make informed decisions as so this is it. Most microwaves available today are equipped with between 500 and 1,000 watts of power. Depending on what size and features you want, a new microwave can cost you anywhere from $20 to $2,000. By using The Spruce Eats, you accept our, Toshiba Convection Microwave Oven at Amazon, Whirlpool Over the Range Microwave at Home Depot, Whirlpool Countertop Microwave at Home Depot, GE Profile Countertop Microwave at Home Depot, Best Basic: Maybe you're ready to buy your first microwave or perhaps your old one's on the fritz—and with all these options available, it can be hard to know where to start. While not as powerful as a standard propane grill, the grill function on a microwave is designed to sear the outside of food to replicate grilled results. It’s a side effect of cost-cutting, Schiffmann said, allowing wide manufacturing tolerances and limited quality-control performance testing (which you’d find in any busy factory). We expected better cooking performance from such an expensive oven. Cheaper Panasonic models, without the inverter, are most likely manufactured by Midea. CNN found that “more than 150 reviews about the AmazonBasics microwave describe safety concerns including flames and smoke.” (Given that the AmazonBasics is basically identical to almost every other compact microwave available today, it’s probably wise to assume that any 700-watt machine manufactured by Midea could also have this issue—there just aren’t nearly as many reviews for other brands’ small ovens.). The defining feature on these Panasonic microwaves is supposed to be the inverter, which supposedly helps it work better for “delicate” tasks like defrosting, cooking vegetables, or even braising meats. Panasonic makes its mid-range inverter microwaves in several sizes and finishes, with some variation in the control panels. The average user ratings for Panasonic and LG ovens are the same or even a bit lower than those for Midea-made models. We did another heating test to get a sense of the hot spots you might find with a taller food container, or a big pile of food. Most have door-release buttons instead of handles. It’s fine if a microwave has an inverter (our upgrade pick has one), but don’t expect it to change much. External vents are connected to ductwork that sucks in air from your kitchen and redirects it to the outside. review process here. Whirlpool Over the Range Microwave, The 8 Best Over-the-Range Microwaves to Buy in 2020, Best for Small Spaces: She writes about home products for The Spruce and has also contributed to TechDigg and Smart Home Solver. Sorry. If you’re wondering the best way to clean microwave surfaces, look … And the brushed stainless (or black stainless) finish is a better match for modern kitchen appliances than the run-of-the-mill glossy black finish that you’ll find on most inexpensive microwaves. The racks are usually made from wire, similar to the racks in your oven. Ensuring the door opening is high and wide enough to fit the items you microwave most and that the shape and size of the turntable can accommodate your plates will help you pick the right size microwave. What about a super-cheap compact microwave? Rather than asking you to ship a defective microwave to a repair center, which can cost almost as much as a new microwave, Toshiba will instead issue you a refund check in four to eight weeks, according to a representative we spoke to. Panasonic also makes some higher-end inverter models with the Cyclonic Wave feature (video), which is aimed at distributing the microwaves even more uniformly across the interior. This midsize microwave looks better and has a few more useful features—including a mute option, automatic reheating, and a door handle instead of a button—than similar ovens. He enjoys visiting factories and learning about regulatory loopholes, and has flooded our testing area only three times. It’s bigger in person than it looks in pictures, but its rounded back allows it to be placed in a corner, with the door and controls still facing straight out. (Even if you think you know of an appliance brand that has consistently great customer service, we’ve probably heard at least a few bad stories about it.). What about the other microwave suppliers? Panasonic is a trusted name associated with electronics of all types, and you'll find their microwaves in countertop, built-in, and over-the-range models. If your microwave has a built-in air ventilation system, it also has a filter that needs to be changed regularly. They’re also on the loud side, with a whooshy mid-range tone that can drown out conversations (which isn’t a problem with most microwaves). The Best Microwaves for Quick Weeknight Meals and So Much More. It’s fine to use a paper towel or loose plastic wrap. Toshiba is a reputable name when it comes to appliances, offering several countertop microwave models at fairly mid range price points. You should also avoid using bleach in your microwave. So when we say they aren’t reliable, we don’t mean that they’re hazardous to own.). The Smart Oven has many different presets and cooking programs that you’ll want to use, but it has a crappy standard microwave control panel, so the voice commands can come in handy, because otherwise you have to look up all the programs and sub-menus in the manual. There’s neither anything wrong with nor great about the high-end models, that we can tell; it’s simply a matter of aesthetics. Convection microwaves can also brown or crisp food, similar to a traditional oven. They're convenient, easy to use, and, unlike a standard oven, microwaves don't need to be preheated, which helps you conserve energy. Microwaves with reheating sensors need to be able to detect the steam coming off your food, so if you cover your food, it needs to be with something porous. In our testing, it heated faster and more evenly than every other microwave. “It offers power levels from 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest,” explained one of our testers, “and I found that even using level 5, the microwave is able to heat the food very quickly and evenly.”. ... $150 - $199.99 $150 - $199.99. By the way, sparks are not a sign of a malfunctioning microwave. Convection microwaves circulate hot air to cook the food more evenly—and usually faster—than traditional microwaves. If you want a smaller microwave that still offers plenty of power, then this 1.1-cubic-feet, 1000-watt option from Samsung is a great pick. Priced just under $100, this microwave comes with a pleasing stainless steel exterior, moderately spacious cooking cavity of 1.1 Cu. This roundup was updated by Sharon Lehman, a home cook who happens to be a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Microwaves are cheap and versatile, so it’s no surprise that most people have one—specific estimates (PDF) can vary, but at least 90 percent of US households have one, and that’s not even counting all the workplaces that have microwaves. 9 best microwaves for quick and easy cooking Whether you're simply trying to melt a pack of butter or making yourself a oven-free feast, these kitchen appliances get the job done Countertop microwaves are some of the most popular models, and there are many options to choose from. However, in our testing, we found that the performance was just run of the mill. It’s also the only combo model that works with voice commands, via Alexa (you’ll need a separate smart speaker to operate it). Wirecutter smart-home editor Grant Clauser has owned an AmazonBasics Microwave for a few years, and he says it’s “fine” and that he uses the voice commands sometimes, though he finds the functionality pretty limited. Our top picks are based on expert microwave reviews and consumer feedback, and include brands like Panasonic, Toshiba, GE, and Magic Chef. “I’ve never found that [an inverter] necessarily means the oven performs better,” said Sharon Franke, who tested dozens of microwaves during the decades she worked at Good Housekeeping. Coming in at number 4, have a look at this elegant, sleek and powerful microwave from Black+Decker. Available in either black or silver stainless steel, this countertop microwave has an interior capacity of 1.2 cubic feet while measuring just over 20 inches wide and 17 inches long. The soft-close door is especially luxurious. However, a video in the CNN article clearly shows the AmazonBasics sparking outside of the oven cavity, nowhere near the food, and roughly where the magnetron sits inside the machine. This type of ventilation system is ductless and easier to install, but it doesn’t perform as efficiently as external ventilation. Or microwave drawers? The Toshiba EM131A5C also has a mute option to shut off the beeping whenever you press a button, or when the cycle ends. You should get whatever size you need, depending on your cookware and counter or shelf space. Even if there are just a few dozen magnetron-adjacent fires in the AmazonBasics Microwave (and similar models) per year, that’s a lot more than we hear about with larger countertop models. In this case, you'll be looking at spending at least $150 to $200. The exterior if the microwave, including door, handle, and control panel should also be regularly wiped down to remove fingerprints, everyday grime, and cooking residue. You have more leeway if you’re buying a countertop model, but it’s still important to measure that area in your kitchen. The short answer: none of them. If our picks are sold out, or you find one of these for a lower price (which is common), or you need a microwave in a different size than the ones we’ve recommended elsewhere in this guide, shop around among these brands to find whatever is cheapest at the moment, in whichever size you need. The oven hasn’t been recalled, we can’t find records of complaints about this model in the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s database, and National Fire Prevention Association statistics don’t reflect a jump in house fires caused by microwaves in the years since the AmazonBasics model was first sold. We’re pretty sure that these are Midea-made microwaves, and we aren’t sure one way or the other whether the electronics are actually more durable than those of the cheaper models. Because lasagna tastes way better the next day. We learned that, basically, any microwave will struggle to consistently heat a big pile of food, with some spots getting much hotter than others—no microwave is well suited to this task, not even the ones with consistent coverage across a flat plate of food. Another common household brand, GE sells a variety of countertop and OTR microwaves, with the most popular models costing $300 or $400. Erica Puisis is a writer and interior design expert who has been writing about all things home and lifestyle for The Spruce since 2017. Microwaves. They are quick and easy to install—just plug them in—and you can move them around as needed, making them a top choice for renters. (We also tested the Combi Wave convection microwave, which we discuss below.) (We’re not going to link to it, because of how hazardous it is to work on these things.). Arguably the best affordable microwave out of all of our best microwave ovens or countertop microwaves, the Sharp Countertop Microwave Oven comes in 2 colors and boasts fantastic features to ensure total satisfaction. And the instruction manual provides almost no guidance on what settings to use to make lots of common foods—that’s sorely missed, because most recipes don’t include instructions for convection cooking, so you’ll be left guessing, Googling, or trying to make sense of the cryptic preset sub-menus. But it still doesn’t seem very common. If you have a compatible Alexa smart speaker, you can connect the microwave to Wi-Fi, link it to your Amazon account, and control certain features like the cook time, power level, or presets using voice commands. You may be a bit limited in your choice of OTR microwaves because you’ll need a model that fits snugly above your stove. This smaller model was actually the main pick in this guide for a while, and we changed the order only because more people seem to want a slightly bigger microwave than this one. The capacitor inside the microwave retains a high-voltage charge that can kill you if you touch it, even if it has been unplugged for several hours. But if you often use most of your stove-top burners, you’ll run into two problems with an OTR microwave: First, the microwave handle can get uncomfortably hot to the touch from all the heat radiating upward. Updated: Dec 2, 2019 Whether you love a good bag of popcorn or you're stepping up your late-night leftover game, a microwave oven is an absolutely essential kitchen appliance. Most people prefer a microwave with 700 watts (or more), as these models are still affordable and work great on microwave meals, popcorn, and other small items. Sharp is yet another made-by-Midea brand these days, and none of its current models are noteworthy; they’re fine on sale. *At the time of publishing, the price was $260. Magic Chef, Black+Decker, and Insignia are among the cheapest and easiest-to-find brands. Individuals with mobility issues often find drawer microwaves easier to reach than OTR options. Your new microwave might not work exactly like your old one. Best of all, you can mute the microwave—a rare feature that lets you stealthily reheat midnight snacks without waking up the rest of the house. For example, several reviews mention bags of popcorn catching on fire, probably because part of the packaging got stuck near the wave emitter (we’ve seen this ourselves a few times). Be aware that microwaves with fewer than 700 watts are generally underpowered and add time to the cooking process. However, if you decide to get your hands on this masterpiece, there are abundant variants in the market. Many customers were pleasantly surprised to find that it has a turntable that's still large enough for full-size dinner plates. Otherwise, the features and controls are pretty similar. Previously, he was an editor at the International Culinary Center in New York. OTR microwaves don’t take up any room on your counter, can create a seamless look in your kitchen, and stand in for a range hood or exhaust fan, helping to remove odors from your kitchen while you cook. The technology has barely evolved in the past few decades, and if anything, the overall quality of the products has declined over time. They're designed to keep food moving for more even cooking. The waves are pushed into the microwave’s interior, where they bounce off the metal walls and onto whatever you're cooking, causing the molecules in the food vibrate, which warms them up. There’s nothing special about any of them—except, that is, the 0.5-cubic-foot Whirlpool WMC20005YW mini-microwave. Erica Puisis is a writer specializing in interior design. We looked into it, and the gist of it is that microwaves are a lot less likely to catch fire than other cooking appliances—and when they do, it’s usually because something got overcooked, or there was something in the microwave that shouldn’t have been there.

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