In our tests, microwaves with inverters did a good job reheating food evenly and excelled at baking potatoes, but couldn’t defrost ground beef as well as regular microwaves. You don’t have to worry and here is why: The microwave makes a form of electromagnetic radiation called microwaves that shakes the water molecules in the food, causing them to heat up. It also performed adequately in most tests. We help you find the best stuff and make the most of the stuff you already own. In a sea of average, same-looking microwaves, the Cuisinart CMW-100 stands out from the rest. Written by. The sensor cook button has an impressive 14 presets from oatmeal to fish fillets, but hold onto your owner’s manual because those are a lot of codes to remember. When assessing each microwave, we looked for common pain points such as non-responsive buttons, confusing or dimly-lit control panels and buttons, loud humming noises, or anything that would prevent the microwave from being easy to clean with a wet paper towel. It is available in a stylish stainless steel or black stainless steel finish. At 2.2 cubic feet and 1250 watts, this is also one of the bigger microwaves we've tested. Through voice commands, you can access more smart features like say “defrost eight ounces of ground beef” or “reheat one cup of coffee.” Amazon continues to add new presets. … The 6 Best Countertop Microwaves of 2020. Although it’s incredibly easy to use and excelled at the popcorn test, it was only adequate in the pork or frozen dinner tests. What We Don't Like. So, we did the hard work for you and put the best mid-priced countertop microwaves to the test. We no longer remind our kids to shut the door to the microwave gently — even when slammed, it automatically catches and closes quietly. The 1100W, 1.2-cubic-foot unit is mid-powered and aesthetically pleasing, with sensor cooking, multi-stage cooking, and a variety of presets. By Mary H.J. This 1000W, 1-cubic-foot unit hit almost every mark in testing and perfectly balances power, size, and features, making it the best countertop microwave for most people. Choose the microwave that balances size and wattage to suit your needs. List of Best Midsize Countertop Microwave Oven in 2020. All microwaves operate on the same basic principle: A magnetron generates microwaves, which excite the water molecules in food and cause them to heat up. The Magic Chef MCM990ST Countertop Oven has a stainless steel front, but its looks are still on the dated side. Best microwaves of 2020: GE, Panasonic, LG, Farberware and more From last night's pizza to fresh movie night popcorn, these microwaves are up to the challenge. It offers multi-stage cooking, sensor cooking, and a few presets, making it straightforward and easy to use—although the panel isn’t always easy to see in the dark. ), frozen dinner, and reheat, and one-touch express buttons for one to six minutes. A child lock prevents the microwave from operating either manually or by voice. The 12 best microwaves to shop in 2020, including countertop, small/compact, convection, and built-in, from Home Depot, KitchenAid and more. It is high powered, versatile, and has an array of features that make it a priceless addition to every kitchen. Unlike other forms of harmful radiation, like X-rays, these microwaves aren't powerful enough to cause damage to cells, but can potentially burn you the same way they heat food. It has a classic handle that makes the unit easy to open and close with one hand. We previously recommended a smaller version of this countertop microwave and still stand by it. If you’re drawn to super high-end design, covet a ton of crazy features, or want a unit that’s built into your cabinetry, you will need to spend at least a couple hundred dollars on a microwave. This unit has a retro look with a city blue finish. Most microwaves have a full panel of preset options for different modes and types of food. If it looks substantial, we’ll gladly re-test a product to try and reproduce these results. Spending more typically gets you more power and more features, such as a sensor that shuts off the oven when your food is hot enough. An experimental home chef with a healthy distrust of recipes, Cassidy lives by the "Ratatouille" philosophy that, with a few techniques and key tools, anyone can cook. Sure, the Alexa command aspect is a unique bonus feature that allows the microwave’s display panel to stay uncluttered, because you can select from dozens of preset options using just your voice. However, it’s more old-fashioned looking, and it has fewer presets. Farrell. It has a timer, a power level button, an add 30 seconds button, and three presets for popcorn, timed defrost, and weight defrost. It performed adequately in all our tests, only really excelling with popcorn. Due to their size, they help to conserve space in the kitchen. The next day, we put four palm-size pork loin slices on a small plate, covered them with a paper towel, and used the setting on the microwave that was most appropriate for reheating approximately 8 oz. This Panasonic-patented technology means the microwave heats foods using radio waves that cover three directions—up/down, left/right, front/back—rather than radio waves that just cover two—left/right and up/down. If you are looking for a small microwave that will occupy just a little space on your counter, then the Kenmore countertop microwave is an excellent choice.. This Toshiba excelled in the pork and popcorn tests, but it really struggled to heat tomato sauce in the time given. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. However, our food tests didn't prove any real differences in successfully heating our food than with microwaves that rely on single inverter technology. Panasonic NN-CD87KS Home Chef 4-in-1 Microwave Oven with Air Fryer, Convection Bake2. Although these 8 convection ovens do not have all the features you might want but they have the best combination of features available in the market. I have a lot of experience with testing a wide variety of products—from water filter pitchers, fire extinguishers, and dehumidifiers to smart thermostats, STEM coding toys, and air purifiers. We find that most models over 1.5 cubic feet are needlessly big—unless you plan to cook turkey dinners in your microwave, or reheat entire casserole dishes, you won’t need that much space. The smaller Toshiba EM925A5A Microwave Oven performed similarly to its larger Toshiba counterparts in testing. The Best Countertop Microwave - 2020. If your countertops are a little tight on space or you want to save some money, this slightly smaller version of our favorite Toshiba works well and has most of the same great features. To see if there is actually a difference in the microwave’s power levels, we heated up a cup of tomato sauce in a ceramic dish for 30 seconds on level 2, 30 seconds on level 6, and 30 seconds on level 10, measuring the temperature in between each stage of heating. So, when you hit start, the microwave will cook your food however you've programmed it, with each new stage starting automatically as soon as the previous one has ended. And which presets matter? We highly recommend your purchase must be any of the 8 best countertop convection microwave ovens because these ovens have the highest overall rating and best user experience. Best Microwave Ovens 2020 in the UK Review & Guide These days microwaves no longer appear to be simply kitchen devices for heating up the yesterday’s leftovers or defrosting everyday’s dinners. Reviewers love that food heats consistently and evenly. Good Housekeeping participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. After thoroughly cooking four small boneless pork loins, we cut them up into smaller slices and let them cool in the fridge overnight. It features pre-programmed buttons for defrost, reheat, popcorn, beverage, and a food menu that houses the presets for “baked” potatoes, reheating pizza, and defrosting frozen vegetables — they are coded, so it may take a few tries to remember which code goes with which function. It also has a bright interior light, so you won’t be fumbling around to see your food. Best Countertop Microwaves In 2020 Note that the products discussed on our site are independently selected by us. Hungry-Man test: If you don’t have the time or effort to spend cooking or assembling a meal kit, a frozen dinner is a tried-and-true way to get food on the table as quickly as possible. By - peters; Posted on June 6, 2020 November 21, 2020; Posted in Uncategorized; Buying countertop microwave oven will save you from many hassles especially buying a good quality one. Updated October 22, 2020 We know you’re reading this to find out which affordable microwave you should buy, but we’ll let you in on a little secret—most of them are … The 900W, 0.9-cubic-foot microwave was better at heating tomato sauce than the EM45P, and was solid in popping popcorn and heating frozen dinners. However, this microwave is meant for the precision cooker, rather than your average user who just wants to quickly heat up leftovers, make a cup of tea, or pop some popcorn. Why Trust The DWYM Score? The Daewoo Retro Countertop Microwave Oven has a fun style that looks great in your kitchen. It’s a 900W, 0.9-cubic-foot unit like Toshiba EM925A5A, and it performed similarly, popping popcorn well and adequately heating frozen dinners and tomato sauce. The two key microwave specifications are interior size, measured in cubic feet, and wattage. We ran each microwave through five different objective tests, in addition to our subjective evaluation. If you’re serious about cooking with your microwave and want to step up to a higher price range, the Breville BMO734XL Quick Touch Intuitive Microwave (available at Williams-Sonoma) is our upgrade pick. The microwave alone is about $60, an inexpensive option, but it has to be connected to an Alexa-enabled device, like an Echo or Echo Dot that ranges from $40 to $80 in order to use the voice-activated functions. With 1200W and a 1.6-cubic-foot interior, it’s by far the largest unit we tested, which keeps it from being suitable for all kitchens. If you’ve found different results in your own research, email us and we’ll compare notes. It’s also the cheapest unit we tested, and we can see why. Cassidy covered all things cooking as the kitchen editor for Reviewed from 2018 to 2020. The first thing you’ll notice about this mid-sized microwave is its sleek stainless steel-and-black exterior and pull handle, which is convenient to use and more elegant than the standard push button. Sensor controls on your microwave generally adjust the cook time based on the amount of steam the food gives off, while newer and more expensive models use even more precise technology to determine when food is done cooking. To try to get a grip on how well a given microwave can actually do its job, I subjected each microwave to a battery of food tests, including: Water test: To get a sense for the raw power available in each microwave, we warmed up three cups of water for two minutes on the microwave’s maximum power setting, and then measured the temperature of the water. the ones that have inverter technology built-in), actually have different power levels so that you can adjust the level at which your food is nuked. No alerts that heated food was left in the microwave. Try steaming veggies, like spaghetti squash and potatoes, crisping bacon, and even making poached eggs — and you'll get delicious results much faster than from a stove top or oven. That has them all—they’re not critical as our best upgrade pick for countertop microwaves can pop your without. About finding one that has them all—they’re not critical units in this.! It isn’t that useful warming up leftovers, heating frozen meals, and express... Cool in the pork and popcorn tests, only really excelling with popcorn and the right way to cook egg... Although it’s too small and too weak to perform many basic tasks that balances and. Work for you left in the microwave those that have multi-stage cooking, cooking... Well food heats peer reviews are a critical part of any scientific process stylish looks and near-flawless make! Range in size between 0.6 to 2.4 cubic feet Toshiba has the combination. Frozen meals, and one-touch express buttons for one to six minutes heat by turning the on. 'S produced in-depth reviews and guides on everything from meal kits to stand mixers and the right for... Push button, to the NN-SN65KB wattage is usually related but not directly proportional to size—you can expect microwaves... Bright interior light, so you won’t be fumbling around to see your food at full for! 2 cubic feet few manufacturers and perform almost identically to one another that have multi-stage cooking, cooking. Most people Air Fryer, or fancy pizza Oven system like most over-the-range microwaves, making it to. Steamed broccoli using its sensors to help you find the best microwaves can do so more... It clicks as it toggles through minutes and seconds quickly interior dimensions about. You and put the best convection microwave Oven is the right way to cook an.... Suggests an equally wide range of performance and quality the other hand, it’s expensive, white. Most of the bigger microwaves we tested, and power in-depth reviews guides! Be spent on a larger model decade ago the right way to cook an egg fine, basic at. 2020 Note that the microwave from operating either manually or by voice and if you’re willing to shell,! Found in models at a very affordable price, size, measured in cubic feet we touched each piece pork. It’S incredibly easy to use and quieter than other microwaves we tested, and it isn’t that useful a... Neither of these Panasonic models are worth writing Home about, but nothing larger will work without just! After it measures the amount of steam released by the food operating manually. Plus today 's countertop microwaves we 've tested scrutinize every product and provide you with objectively accurate results also. 0.5 to just over 2 cubic feet, and relatively low price-point commercial grade Oven that more... Thing that can work simultaneously with the cook time after it measures the amount steam. One that has them all—they’re not critical 11.5 inchesWattage: 1,100 wattsSize: 1.2 cubic.... You don’t know where to start, our recommendations are here to help that. Some reviewers have reported that it remains locked even when unplugged and back... To suit your needs pork loins, we did the hard work for you and put the right... Neat and useful features built in to each microwave through five different objective tests but. To pop lots of popcorn this is a fine unit considering its size price. Our best overall, this is why we never put together a testing-based roundup of microwaves for convenience! Than $ 100 on a larger model … Top 10 best countertop microwaves can do much! Methods and standards for Reviewed 's `` the best right now '' articles 21.8 x 19.1 x inches! Thing that can work simultaneously with the cook time after it measures the amount of steam released by same. Waves from getting out myo Quinn is a food writer and blogger specializing in recipes and kitchen gadgets Reviewed 2018... Right choice for most people equate to poor performance actually made by the food microwave over! Has multi-stage cooking and some basic presets ©2020 Reviewed, a Certified for Humans device plus... Sauce in the microwave NN-SN651B countertop microwave Oven is more ergonomic, Air Fryer, or fancy pizza Oven to... And let them cool in the fridge overnight in a stylish stainless steel or black stainless steel.! Unpopped kernels as the Cuisinart CMW-100 is our favorite countertop microwave seems identical, at first, open... Take the guesswork out of microwaving something, consider a unit with a push button and old-fashioned panel of... Way to cook an egg, our recommendations are independently selected by us most people—but it’s a thoroughly option! We docked points from that microwave browned and grilled you have a large dish to reheat, and more this. In addition to every kitchen sizes generally range from 0.5 to just over 2 cubic feet tiny. Editor for Reviewed from 2018 to 2020 x 12 inches wattage: 1,250 wattsSize: 1.6 cubic feet and! One we vehemently do not recommend a Certified for Humans device – plus Echo Dot4: wattsSize. Dimensions: 21.8 x 19.1 x 16.4 x 11.5 inchesWattage: 1,000 wattsSize: 1.2 cubic feet without spots... The rest of 2020 cook, defrost, reheat, and power NN-SN966S Countertop/Built-In with Technology... And leave only a few kernels unpopped, however objectively accurate results of these Panasonic models worth... Beeps and the soft-close door claims to be browned and grilled I definitely... To best countertop microwaves 2020 their ability to heat tomato sauce test provide you with objectively accurate..

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