Holding that Q down in between chases should keep you protected (assuming you face your opponent and the servers like you enough); keep LMB down during block to rotate it faster than normal (requires you to lock Retaliation). Example 2 – PVX Skill Add-ons [Awakening][Level 50] Dragon BiteCritical Hit Rate +20% for 9 sec. It also gives a DP buff to you and is your 200% Black Spirit Rage skill. When grinding, use EXP Elixirs and Milk Tea, then other food of your choice such as Margoria Seafood and Serendia Special. These are my current quickslots and cooldown slots, I’ll use them in order to explain our kit: Below The Belt (essential): one of our hardest hitters, with a little hole in its initial super armor. Fiery Angel>Backflow is relatively safe bait if used quickly: Angel Backflow cancel, Same with Foul Play: Foul Play Backflow cancel. Very good ranged damage to initiate or snipe low HP targets disengaging. Knockback: Target is pushed back. This skill allows you to dash/dodge (Right-Click + W/A/S/D) while firing an arrow. This guide does not … News Events Updates Wiki Enhance calculator. Dragon bite (essential, Absolute high priority): frontal guard and almost non-existent cooldown make Dragonbite the best engage we have. The skill has a wide range and will spin targets as well as floating them. Fiery Crevice (essential): a very powerful skill, to finish your combos and to use on cooldown in pve where it has double the hits. It has no protection or CC and I wouldn’t bother getting it unless you have spare skill points after completing your core skill build. : ^ ) 9 1 19. comments. The gear in BDO has some slightly different looks. Aim to buy a +15 if you can to save your enhancing resources. It has comparable stats to boss armor and also a very useful set effect that gives Damage Reduction and Hidden AP. These are: Slice, Dragon Bite, Dragon Claw, Ultimate: Dragon Claw, Carver, Whirlwind Cut, Divider. It has 100% critical chance and is useful for comboing into other skills. Liverto BladeLiverto is the fourth strongest mainhand and much easier to obtain and enhance than Kzarka. BDO Best Class Awakening and Succession PvP / PvE. You may also want to use the Special Valencia Meal and Special Kamaslyvia Meal so that it lasts 120 minutes. Post-Awakening skill build – Level 56 (556 skill points): https://bdocodex.com/us/skillcalc/79431/Low-Tier skill build – Level 60 (1138 skill points): https://bdocodex.com/us/skillcalc/79755/Mid-Tier skill build – Level 60 (1328 skill points): https://bdocodex.com/us/skillcalc/79754/Core skill build – Level 60 (1621 skill points): https://bdocodex.com/us/skillcalc/81012/End-Game skill build – Level 60 (2021 skill points): https://bdocodex.com/us/skillcalc/81013/Always prioritize Awakening skills before leveling your Absolute Skills.Succession skill build – Level 56 (721 skill points): https://bdocodex.com/us/skillcalc/103102Succession High-Tier skill build – Level 60 (1186 skill points): https://bdocodex.com/us/skillcalc/103134Succession End-Game skill build – Level 60 (1580 skill points): https://bdocodex.com/us/skillcalc/103145. I recommend experimenting with your add-ons and figuring out what is best for you, because it really depends on your personal preference and how you play your class. Once you reach 261 AP with Nouver, you will want to stop using Kutum for PVE however, until you reach 265 AP with Kutum. Black Magic Crystal – Precision x2(weapon), Critical Hit Damge +10%, All AP +2, All Damage Reduction -2, 2 set: Critical Hit Damage +2%, Hoom 4 set – 8 Accuracy, 7% Resistance, 420 HP, 10 Damage Reduction, 8 Evasion, Max HP +150, Weight Limit +20 LT, All Damage Reduction +3, JIN Black Magic Crystal – Viper x2(gloves), Attack Speed +1, Casting Speed +1, Accuracy 20, Magic Crystal of Infinity – Extraction x2(weapon), Magic Crystal of Infinity – Critical x2(sub-weapon), Ancient Magic Crystal – Harphia x2(helmet), Black Magic Crystal – Cobelinus x2 (chest), Max HP +100 & Weight Limit +20LT & All Damage Reduction +2, Magic Crystal of Infiity – Assault x1(gloves), Magic Crystal of Infiity – Valor x1(gloves), Weight Limit +20LT & Movement Speed +1 & Max Stamina +150, I highly recommend using BDOPLANNER.COM to help you plan your build and track your progression. I keep my set on my boss alt Wizard. Twister can be used after certain skills to combo. Otherwise use Bares Belt for 2 AP and swap to Tree Spirit Belt as soon as possible for more AP and high accuracy.

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