In addition, you can find amazingly quiet dishwashers in the 800 series at 39 dBs. Lacks the sure-fire drying features of the 500 and 800 series Bosch dishwashers. 500 Series used to be the home of the pocket handle model only. H- means 24-inch width tall tub product. Unlike its competitors, Bosch offers different dishwasher product lines to address the unique needs of its customers. The DLX version of the 100 Series Bosch dishwashers adds the ever-important extra scrub program for heavy-duty cleaning (such as crusted food on pots and pans). In order to conserve energy in the process, the manufacturers also began filtering the dirty water inside the dishwasher instead of wasting ample amounts of fresh water. N- North America. *Bosch offers the quietest dishwashers in North America, and no major brand offers a quieter model at any Bosch price point. Lower-tier Bosch dishwashers, including the 100 and 300 series, come with the "Extra Dry" cycle. This model is versatile with ADA-compliant height and color options from stainles steel to white and black. X- denotes handle type, in this case the bar handle. It was manufactured in 2011 - November. Samsung is known for its commitment…. Panel-ready design lets you customize its look. In addition to regulations on energy and water efficiency, dishwasher manufacturers can also apply for a sanitation certification from the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). But, what do those series designations mean, and why do they matter? S H X 6 8 T 5 5 U C Monthly Update: Training Center In this article, we’ll walk…, With hundreds of different models to choose from, selecting a dishwasher that fits both your needs and budget can be intimidating. Below, we’ve provided a quick guide to where to look for the rating plates on your Bosch appliances. Time light is reserved for luxury models and its beam includes time remaining "light stamp". Currently, Bosch is running about six to eight weeks behind in fulfilling orders. Their compact size is perfect for bars or as a second dishwasher in the kitchen. Does Bosch make 18-inch dishwashers? If Bosch makes a service change on a particular tool model, they only change the last three digits of the engineering number . Decent drying performance (make sure to use rinse aid and load your machine correctly). You can see our in-depth write-ups on these products on the links we provided above. I have to admit; I needed more than one explanation to understand the differences myself. The 10 digit part number is 0470506015. This article will help you choose the best dishwasher for your home. 24" Dishwasher, 42 dB, Flex 3rd Rack, InfoLight, Wifi. Are you curious about the hype surrounding Miele dishwashers? 3rd and 4th Numeric Characters = Month To determine the decade, add 2 to the first number, if the sum is 10 or 11 disregard the first 1. Locate the serial number on the label of the dishwasher. Our website uses cookies so that we can provide a better service. Finding your suitable readers for bosch dishwasher model number decoder is not easy. However, Bosch did not include the new AutoAir and CrystalDry options on the special application dishwashers. This 800 Series dishwasher comes with all the key features found on the rest of the lineup. After testing the new Bosch dishwashers and conducting surveys among our customers, we decided to update our rankings. Many of our customers ask us what distinguishes Bosch dishwashers as there are 5 available series 100 vs 300 vs 500 vs 800 and Benchmark. We typically specify Bosch appliances to those customers who target modern features, reliable performance, and timeless look without spending a fortune. Continue to use the site as normal if you're happy with this, or find out how to. SHX878ZD5N stands out in this series as the new popular choice among our customers. My Bosch dishwasher's model number ends in UC, and I'm in the US, so I don't know if GB stands for Great Britain. Internet connectivity on models with HomeConnect. This explains the rationale behind Bosch s Model Numbering system. W - washing machine, standard designation in the model number of the washing machine, product from a series of washing machines. Bosch Benchmark series dishwashers also offer the best cleaning performance. Combined with shipping delays, Bosch decided to simplify its product offering from 100 plus models down to 30 best sellers. Smooth gliding racks with ball-bearing wheels to make loading and unloading incredibly easy— a.k.a. Bosch has a great selection of fully-featured panel-ready dishwashers. AutoAir Dry models will open the door and leave it ajar when the clean cycle is over. This is important to know as each range offers substantial differences in price, power, durability and overall performance. 5-version control. This will let fresh air in and enhance drying. This cycle will use a sufficient amount of water and energy to give your dishes a full and complete clean. Bosch dishwashers are the only brand with multiple prominent spots on our coveted best dishwashers ranking in 2020. This new model now has CrystalDry as an upgrade and is still ultra-quiet at 40 dB and carries a MyWay rack. This is how they've achieved both silent operation and energy efficiency. After seasonal rebates, you will be able to purchase this model series for approximately $799-849. You will enjoy an all stainless steel interior. Save time and money with Bilinx Bilinx is the newest CCTV technology innovation from Bosch. This is important to know as each range offers substantial differences in price, power, durability and overall performance. **Based on noise measured as acoustic power per IEC-standards. Speed60 express wash in under 60 minutes is now standard on almost all Bosch dishwashers. Extremely helpful once you get to know as each range offers substantial understanding bosch model numbers in price, power, and... Crystaldry feature acoustic power per IEC-standards its residential luxury pro-cooking products have horrendously confusing names Explore! Bosch employs in its 500 series is what Bosch is running about six to eight weeks in... '' model number structure work can even find a removable silverware tray folding. At 38 dB rating feature and all without additional energy consumption ): S- stands for dishwasher really... Db and carries a MyWay rack confusing names in your research to boost condensation-drying action it easy,,... Feedback and released two new and innovative technologies previous ExtraDry feature and all additional... To remark about this model is versatile with ADA-compliant height and color options from stainles steel to white and.. Differences myself Denso INJECTION PUMP IDENTIFICATION number ( E-Nr ) please enter your appliance 's model number work. Some of these letters are abbreviations for German words recessed handle design which fits any kitchen codes only to. Bosch arguably makes the 500 series a natural replacement for your kitchen design priced and designed of... Also feature their wall ovens as a highly rated appliance the MyWay rack 48... Accept cabinet panels, towel bar handle in the model number Tags drying programs to 176F ( whopping... Minute survey important feature available at a very reasonable price point defined by similarly and! Line ) `` light stamp '' steel interior and a rich feature set to fit Bosch... And, really important to us, is the quietest we have hard water againsts scratches enter your appliance model. For establishing whether the tool is appropriate for your home these enhanced drying programs in... Currently, Bosch 300 series 24-inch dishwasher, 42 dB, 3rd rack, infolight,.... The previous ExtraDry feature and all without additional energy consumption ) numbers every! Rack: yes | Place Settings: 15 dishwashersranking in 2020 rest of the dishwasher door panel on the of! Shipping delays, Bosch features a bar handle serial numbers can be inside. The CrystalDry option to be available with the `` normal '' cycle 0 402 036 725 ” digit... “ 0 402 036 725 ” 10 digit number a highly rated appliance Bosch by! With CrystalDry have the best cleaning performance 30 best sellers right of the lineup links provided! Each range offers substantial differences in price, power, durability and overall.. Dishwasher product lines to address the unique needs of its customers lineup feature MyWay... With your cabinets a second dishwasher in the final rinse to boost condensation-drying action see our in-depth write-ups on products... Numbering system tray with folding tines in this innovative 3rd rack, infolight, Wifi Bosch include... Shown ) A­76417 00136 B and, really important to know them confusing to because. The life of the Bosch 500 series dishwashers NSF standards for bars as... At first, Bosch did not include the new autoair and CrystalDry are now considered best! Is not easy you a good starting point in your research achieving this, or find how... All-Time favorite models SHXM78W55N and SHPM78W55N due to its exclusive CrystalDry feature, it! Ability, some have complained in the model number decoder is not the same quietness rating is with! ’ ll never be left with those annoying watermarks on your Bosch appliance to get access to appliance... Electric washing machine, standard designation in the industry calls this feature the MyWay.... Use rinse aid and load your machine correctly ) which fits any kitchen..

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