The best benefits of being a teacher are the least tangible. 4 Answers. Cons: Pay is around $30,000, actually less than that, for the average pre-k teacher. Many of these events occurred in high schools. There is no denying that being a public school teacher has its challenges, but some are more apparent than others. Elementary school teachers are usually with their students all day, as opposed to high school teachers who get a prep period. But being at home in my comfort zone has helped me become more organized with my work. BS in Elementary Education (Teacher Licensure) Pros and Cons of Teaching in High-Needs Elementary Schools; Resource Articles // Pros and Cons of Teaching in High-Needs Elementary Schools High-needs schools offer unique challenges and opportunities for elementary school teachers. High school teachers need to specialize in one subject. Your goal is to make the life of each student better in some way every day. The boys wore shirts and ties (clip-ons through eighth grade) and the girls wore white blouses and khaki pants. Your email address will not be published. Schools are increasingly becoming a place of deadly violence. It seems like a great job to me and i wanted to pursue it but i keep hearing not to. In most elementary schools, teachers spend the entire day with their students and you might not have any time to prepare. Also, parent phone calls and trips to the principal’s office work as incentive in a way that doesn’t affect older students. Kids have an insight into the world that isn’t tainted by disappointment. 25 Most Expensive Places to Live in the U.S. 20 High-Paying Jobs That Don't Require a College Degree, Pros and Cons of Being a Fashion Designer, 30 Tourist Attractions That No Longer Exist, 40 Things All Baby Boomers Think Are Cool, 40 Home Decor Mistakes Everyone Over 45 Should Avoid. There isn’t much time during the day when your hands aren’t moving. Most parents think that they always know what is best. Because they’re so young, your students may not understand the behaviors that you would expect from older students. Bored Teachers, “The Pros and Cons of Being a Private School Teacher” National Center for Education Statistics, Average Salaries for Full-Time teachers in Public and Private Elementary and Secondary Schools Even though there are challenges to face during the year, including personal financial issues in some situations, you will still find a treasure trove of rewards waiting to be discovered. They are very curious about things and will be eager to learn. You will not find any other job that can guarantee the same breaks. We’ve helped thousands of people to find a great job and advance in their careers. Con: You will have to deal with a different set of challenges than your high school colleagues. Pro: You can’t beat the vacation time. You must decide where your priorities lie and come to the conclusion as to whether or not the benefits outweigh the struggles. Updated. There were no bells to … Not all schools are created equal. This will give you time to find supplemental employment or recharge for the coming year. It is up to you to keep your students motivated and to help them channel their enthusiasm and energy. However, you must also be ready for the spontaneity and the demand of subbing. You will find that you are busy throughout the entire day and that you will have to do most of the prep work at home during the evenings and weekends. The students and faculty shared family-style lunches together at large, round cloth-covered tables and students were expected to pass dishes and follow the four Bs (Break Bread Before Buttering). Your job will include teaching them basic social skills and explaining simple things as patiently as possible. High school teachers made a median income of just over $51,000. For example, as a third-grade teacher, you’re responsible for planning reading, math, science, and social studies lessons. You will get to feel that what you did today made a difference in someone’s life. Con: Your job will be different from what your high school colleagues do. Why is that? You can seek another job for the summer or choose to spend this time with your own children. Con: Your students aren’t as self-sufficient. Some of the pros and cons relating to teaching physical education are those associated with many teaching jobs, while others are more specific to physical education. While teachers do work very hard throughout the school year, they have guaranteed breaks for summer and holidays that many professions don’t come close to matching. One of the most substantial cons of teaching is that teachers are undervalued and unappreciated. From the first day, the difference between public school and private school culture was obvious. CLICK THE LINK! . If you’re thinking about teaching in a high school setting, here are some pros and cons that you should consider. Pro: You’re making a difference in your students’ lives. Children that age have a natural curiosity about the world, and you are helping to fuel it by sharing with them the wisdom of your experience. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, while special education teachers can make upwards of $80,000 per year, some make less than $35,000. There are also none of those messy hormones popping out like they do in middle and highschool. Pro: Classroom management is easier than you would think. This means you’ll have to take care of most of your preparation at home. Being a substitute teacher can be incredibly rewarding as you enjoy a flexible and diverse schedule, broad experience, and pre-planned teaching. You will have a lot of moments that you will treasure forever with your students. Benefits of Being a Teacher. To some, being a physical education teacher seems like an easy job. Elementary and kindergarten teachers tend to teach more general subject material on a wide range of topics. 31 Most Beautiful College Campuses in the U.S. 25 Celebrities Who Dropped Out of College, The 30 Best-Selling Vehicles of Last Year. I think teaching elementary school is a lot more fun. The belief that teachers become teachers simply because they can't do anything else is a very real and very discouraging trope that educators hear all too often. Simple. You will find that sending students to the principal’s office or calling their parents are efficient tools to gain respect. Dealing with parents is not always easy and you will probably run into some parents who refuse to cooperate. MAKE YOUR OWN WHITEBOARD ANIMATIONS. Most classrooms are fully furnished by the teacher, minus the telephone, projector, student desks, and teacher desk. Lv 7. The pros and cons of being a high school teacher should focus on this one element. So, what is it really like to teach elementary school? Perhaps the most important benefit is the ability to directly affect and change students’ lives. List of the Cons of Being a High School Teacher. You need to supervise and guide your students through everything. The discussion that followed was amazing and included a ton of great thoughts, tips and ideas. Pro: Real-life experience is invaluable. These students are at an age where they still (for the most part) respect authority figures. The students are younger, so grading assignments will be easier and less time-consuming than at higher grade levels. The cons of being an elementary teacher are the same almost of any teaching career. While teachers get fulfillment from the difference they make, the low pay-to-hours ratio is one of the most important cons of being a teacher. Con: Your students need guidance. Pay/benefits doubles if you become a kindergarten teacher. You will have a lot of moments that you will treasure forever with your students. Unlike elementary school teachers, high school teachers only need to specialize in one subject. This means you’ll have to take care of most of your preparation at home. When you go home every day, you’ll know that you’ve made the world a little better. There isn’t much time during the day when your hands aren’t moving. Relevance. Answer Save. Parents think they know best for their children, even when their ideas contradict those of a trained professional (that’s you). Rather than earning what they are worth, teachers earn what the school district decides to pay. Teaching children the skills they need to become successful adults is a rewarding experience. How to Keep Consultants From Turning Into Employees. When you decide to … > May 13, 2020 | by Grace Chen. As a teacher, you will always have breaks during the summer and throughout the year with different holidays. It has become normal for students to spend more than one year with the same teachers. Alot Careers Growing up I never really had any interests aside from reading, and now at … You might have some catching up to do if there are a few subjects you are not comfortable with. Plus, you’ll have lots of great stories to tell. The belief that anyone can teach, the low pay, the paperwork, the additional paperwork, the criticism that your pay is fine for someone who only has to work 9 months year, the teaching for the tests, the classroom conditions (behavior problems, overcrowding, minimal supplies) and so on. You get to wear sweatpants or gym shorts to work and spend the day playing some of your favorite sports. JobGoRound was started in 2007 to provide job searchers with a variety of valuable tools and resources. The weight of making a difference in a child's life is a huge pro that shouldn't be undervalued. As an elementary school teacher, you will have to cover all the subjects. Keep reading to learn about the top ten challenges facing public school teachers this year. We talked to four teachers who came to the teaching profession later in life about the pros and cons of being an “old” new teacher. Elementary school teachers are usually with their students all day, as opposed to high school teachers who get a prep period. Pros And Cons Of Teacher-Centered Education 789 Words 4 Pages On the off chance that you have been educating for any time span, you have most likely heard the expressions "understudy focused" instructional method or "instructor focused" teaching method. Con: There is a lack of parental support. An estimated 2.3 million teachers have tenure. Required fields are marked *. Smaller Class Sizes: Pros and Cons. I decided to share my honest opinions about the job and list the pros and cons of becoming a school teacher. Copyright © 2020 JobGoRound – 2862 Southern Hills Drive North Garden, VA 22959 720-425-5981 Powered by Customify. 50 Menu Items Fast Food Workers Say Never to Order, Foods to Stay Away From if You’re Watching Your Cholesterol, 22 Common Medications That Can Be Bad Long-Term, 39 Brands on the Brink of Declaring Bankruptcy. This kids aren’t as independent as they will be when they get a little older, so a lot of attention will be required on your part. Becoming an elementary school teacher will change your outlook on life and is also a great way to prepare for becoming a parent. The median expected annual salary of a principal is over $100,000, while the median expected annual salary for a teacher is under $60,000. Most elementary students love school and really look forward to going to school every day. Boogers and crying happen too. I was just wanting some advice and some pros and cons to help me think it out some more.

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