The common catalogues of varieties of agricultural plant and vegetable species list the varieties which can be marketed in the EU. Lettuce varieties Bombilasta BBL and Italian 167 were treated with different concentrations of cadmium (0, 3, 6, 9, and 12 mg/L) in a nutrient film technique (NFT) system to study its toxicity on phytochemicals and nutrient elements. If you're interested in exploring lettuce beyond "cardboard" iceberg, then we've got the guide for you. Market Shares in global exports. Where to use it: In lettuce cups and wraps (like these Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps), with light, delicate salad dressings and on sandwiches. With large, lettuce-like leaves, ‘Italian Cress’ is an ideal addition to salads and sandwiches. Certificated according Demeter or the EU-organic standards. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. 5. You also may want to check out our guide to fresh produce to see what’s in season now—and our handy guide to tiny leafy greenery, Herbs 101 . Sow in punnets in All Seasons. The two lettuce varieties showed differences in nitrate accumulating capacity: Foglia di Quercia was almost three times richer in nitrate than Lattuga Romana. Lettuce: Lactuca sativa One of the very oldest garden plants and still always the essence of summer salad. Shares in this product's production. 2.7% Ranked 5th. Butterhead lettuce, which includes Bibb and Boston varieties, provides less vitamins, but is still a good source of some. capitata) come in a selection of green and red shades, and most varieties are moderately heat tolerant. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples 3. As with mizuna lettuce, oak leaf lettuce is available in many varieties; each variety comes in a different color ranging from green to red to bronze. Organic seeds for Italian lettuce in best quality from Bingenheimer Saatgut AG. Welcome to The Italian Gardener! 13. Lattuga. Find the perfect lettuce varieties stock photo. The traditional growing systems applied to the red radicchio of Treviso varieties strongly influenced nitrate accumulation in leaves, the Early variety having up to 15 times higher nitrate than the Late variety. Generally, no one wants hundreds of lettuce varieties to mature at the same time, so we recommend starting varieties indoors with the aid of our Jiffy Pellets. It’s often chopped into small slivers to add crunch and strong flavor throughout a salad. There are 7 main Types of lettuce, and dozens of varieties within each type, so I’ll just describe each type, and mention a few favorite varieties. Local Name. 3.0% Ranked 7th. Enza Zaden has an extensive range of lettuce types. We cover the common head lettuces and small leafy ones that might be hard to tell apart at first, but eventually you'll know your mizuna from your mache. LETTUCE ITALIAN LOLLO MIX: Lactuca sativa: Member $3.95 Non-Member $4.95. Checking stock, please wait.. Forming a closed head resembling that of a cabbage, the crunchy texture and mild flavor of iceberg varieties is preferred by some to provide a backdrop against more intensely flavored salad ingredients and dressings. It is sometimes called Cos lettuce—named for the Greek island of Kos (Cos) off the coast of Turkey where it is believe to have originated. Bitter, bluish, heavy, serrated leaves . Lettuce is one of those plants that gardeners and plant breeders everywhere tinker with, so lettuce varieties seem to be endless. Also known as Bibb or Boston lettuce, butterheads (L. sativa var. Italian Cress. Our Products. Delivering the World of Italian Vegetables to Your Door. Both heading and leaf varieties are available and are growing in popularity in Australia. The salad's creation is generally attributed to restaurateur Caesar Cardini, an Romaine varieties are very popular in the United States, southern Europe, and … The ruffled leaves of these varieties make a spectacular salad of lime green, pinks and red. lettuce meaning: 1. a plant with large, green leaves, eaten uncooked in salads 2. a plant with large, green leaves…. Browse Varieties: Your search for 'lettuce' returned the following 354 results: (Click on the variety name to add a review of, or view reviews, ratings and seed sources of the variety) ... Italian lettuce that resembles and is used more like chickory, escarole or dandelion. Harvesting the young leaves when you need them prevents plants from maturing and ensures several harvests of small, tender, mild-flavoured leaves over a long period of time. Choose lettuce that is bright with no brown edges or spots. For the most traceable heirloom seed with guaranteed germination and purity, buy Franchi Sementi seed from The Italian Gardener. Names of Curly Lettuce. arrow_drop_down - Online dictionaries, vocabulary, conjugation, grammar Toggle navigation Salad-lovers of the world, rejoice! It’s also convenient for those who struggle with patience, because each leaf provides lots of edible greenery compared to other, skinnier varieties.

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