Evangelical/Non-Denominational. Bible It is the Angel of the everlasting Covenant. Topic: CAN GOD TRUST YOU ENOUGH TO RELY ON YOU? YHWH declared his name to Moses as I am that I am. Some of you are very proud that you are worshipping in a Church more than 25 years, 40 years and 50 years and so on. … This morning our walk still finds us in Jerusalem but that will soon change with the events If we listen for responsibility, God will offer His presence. No man, the so-called great men on the earth were able to say “I am that I am”. Sermon Romans 7:15-25a Wretched Man That I am Check out these helpful resources Biblical Commentary Sermons Childern's Sermons Hymn Lists Romans 7:15-25a Wretched Man That I am By Dr. Randy L. Hyde If we didn’t know any better, we I WAS THAT I AM, I AM THAT I AM, I WILL BE THAT I AM VIOLENCE AND CHAOS ARE THE ORDER OF THE DAY. Fourteen "I Am" Statements of Jesus Christ: 1. If God is with us who can be against us? Or we don’t know whether to believe what we heard. Apostle Charles O. Psalm 9:10 says that people who know Gods name will trust him. "Jesus saith unto him, I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE, NO MAN COMETH UNTO THE FATHER, BUT BY ME." God wanted to assure Moses and Israel that God would become what they would need Him to become . 'I AM THAT I AM.' I am Connected Weaker than any small or big creatures on the earth. I am not trying to steal anything from anyone else, just trying to help others proclaim the gospel. Randall Hehr. Mahatma Gandhi who is exalted in many nations died at 78. SPIRITUAL WICKEDNESS IN HIGH PLACES IS AFFECTING THOSE OF US WHO ARE ON THE LOW END OF THE TOTEM POLE. Which means that the name of the God of Israel is I AM. No one can hold him. Rev.11:17- who Is, who was, and who is to come. Wise men like: Gautama Buddha (563-483 BC) a man who denounced everything died at 80. If we listen in availability, God will respond in our own history. On the occasions when we would get together, we would talk about God, the church and the life of the Spirit for hours and hours. John the Baptist very powerful preacher on the earth died at 30 years. AM- to be, to exist. There are people 28 But after I am raised from the dead, I will Sermon John 10:11-18 I Am Check out these helpful resources Biblical Commentary Sermons Childern's Sermons Hymn Lists John 10:11-18 I Am By Dr. Philip W. McLarty Of the four gospels, John is clearest in proclaiming the divinity of Christ. I am the bread of life (Jn. That same GOD declares that “I AM THAT I AM”. God’s I AM is His powerful presence. SERMON POINTS The name, “I am who I am” in Hebrew is the word Yahweh, which we also know as Jehovah. It was business as usual in all the rest of the world. Something you can’t do on your own. Heb 13:8- Jesus Christ is same Yesterday, today and forever.Rev.1:8 Alpha and Omega. ...read more, Scripture: In the four Gospels Jesus’ unique authority and identity as the Son of God are expressed in sayings which begin with the words ‘I am’ (Greek, ego eimi), a phenomenon most frequently seen in John’s Gospel. Something is said, our ears pick it up, but we don’t quite trust it. With all the chaos around us many people are losing faith, that God is not aware of our situation, absent, distant unable to move in our situation. And you can imagine how confusing that must have been to him. What a proud moment for you. Enter your email address and we will send you a link to reset your password. Exodus 6:1-3, Denomination: Be Still and Know that I am God Babatope Babalobi babalobi@yahoo.com +234 80 35 897435 Join Telegram prayer group Psalm 46 verse 10 10 Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth. In the Bible, both Old and New God of the Generations after generations- Ps.90:1. Matthew Henry said the following about God: “The greatest and best man in the world must say, ‘But by the grace of God I am what I am; but God says absolutely – and it is more than any creature, man or angel, can say – I am that I am.” Finally, verse 15 actually gives us the name that we will see all … ...read more, Scripture: Who are you? Ps.145:13-your kingdom is Everlasting kingdom. You’ve probably tried and tried and nothing changes. Something that is bigger than you. This is historically true for Israel and will continue to be true for Israel into the future. "Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD". Matthew 16:13-16 I am not unconcerned. Beauties like: Cleopatra the most beautiful woman ever lived on the earth, died at 39. Ps.135:13-Enduring name, renowned name. Methodist. (1) The Part 1 of 2, Thinking Faith and the Christ Question Ephesians 2:11-18, Denomination: Now, we are considering the 7 “I Am” statements of John. The Lord one who redeemed the Israelite from Pharaoh is still alive, the Lord one who walked in the fire is still alive, the Lord one rained manna and quails is still alive, the Lord one who calmed the sea, multiplied the loaves and Fish is still alive. John stresses Jesus' unique relationship with God so people would believe … Our lives are time bound. Politicians like Alexander the great ran and conquered the world but died at 32. In the very familiar story of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15:11-32, Jesus made a very interesting statement when He said that, having wasted his inheritance, the young man “came to himself” (Luke 15:17) and decided to go back home. INTRODUCTION 3 Blessed be the God and Father of our We don’t know whether we really heard what we thought we heard. It is also true for Christians. Pro 18:22 says; The Lord one who blessed the Widow of the Zarephath is still alive. Some are proud that you are worshipping for many generations. ...read more, Scripture: But our God is STILL a GOD of Miracles!! Only YHWH proclaimed that His name is “I am that I am” then Jesus Claimed that he was the same “I am”. Montgomery Hills Baptist Church, Do you trust what you hear? He is a God one who always lives forever and Ever. Brain rewiring Exodus 6:1 – 3; 3:13- 15 ‘God will strike the Shepherd, Scriptures: 10:7). THE RICH ...read more, Scripture: Who Am I Sermon. 22 And when he had removed him, he raised up unto them David to be their king; to whom also he gave their testimony, and said, I have found David the son of Jesse, You may have thought that about some preacher! Dt.32:40- as surely as I live forever. ...read more, This series looks at the I am statements of Jesus in the book of John. 27:02. When I read John 4, I want to remember that Jesus asked me some very specific questions about my heart, and I didn’t have the answers. The Lord one who blessed the Widow of the Zarephath is still alive. Confucius (551-479 BC) the Chinese Philosopher died at 72. Genesis 2:18-25, Listening to your own heart IS listening to God. We are in the Gospel of John again today. Sermon. John 14:6. to be "The Bread of Life", "the Water of Life" and Jesus again claims them. Methodist. But there is more to being a follower of Jesus. To save items to a SermonFolder, please sign in to your account. Who Am I? The Speaker, then, is hidden in no mask of mystery. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end." Luke 24:25-27, Denomination: So, the Scripture says, "God said to Moses, 'I AM WHO I AM,' and He said, 'Thus you shall say to the sons of Israel, "I AM has sent me to you".'" In … Those who know your name … David, the man after God’s own heart, a Champion, (1 Sam17:40), a great Soldier (2 Sam 5:7), a natural poet (Ps.8,19.23) but died at 70(2 Sam 5:4). Christian Missionary Alliance. Dt.32:27-He is the Eternal God. Peter denied Jesus just as he predicted. Throughout the Old Testament in the original Hebrew, God is known by his four-letter name YHWH. The point of offense. 2. The triune God is beyond the Time limit. No Politicians, No religious leaders, No wise men and woman, no beauties can ever claim that they liver for ever. Who do you say that I am? Acts 13:22-25, Denomination: In John 8, they picked up stones to stone him to death. (b)- when what is meant 4 Great concern with God is what we believe about Christ. Contributed by Tony Abram on Nov 6, 2011. based on 3 ratings. No one on the earth can claim like Him. I am HIS! : accepting responsibility. When we consider the heavens, the works of the fingers of God, the Sun, moon and the stars, what is man? Exodus 3:1-14 This Sermon Series, written by the Rev Kevin Giles, looks at Jesus' seven "I AM" statements in the Gospel of John. The Lord one who started the Church with twelve simple people and made it possible to spread over all the Countries is still alive. ...read more, Scripture: WHO AM I--AM I A PERSON CONNECTED TO GOD IN A TOTALLY NEW WAY. We don’t worship a dead God; we don’t worship the God of yesterdays and yesteryears. Perhaps we should not judge to sternly. It seemed to me therefore that the Lord would strengthen our confidence in him for the future of our life together if I could help you know the name of God better. I am not inconsiderate or unmoved by your suffering. I am not a good person, and I have all the world says I need to be full and happy, and I am bankrupt and angry.” That was my well. Luke 22:54-65, Denomination: The creation is placed under the feet of all those who are children of God, and now we are to submit - everywhere we walk, placed under Him. Sermon: The Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost, Proper 16A, The Very Rev. We might say, “I am lazy”, “I am shy”, “I am stupid”, or “I am clumsy”. Having trouble logging into your account? Our life is very short, shorter than the Trees. Genesis 2:7, Communion meditation for October 2, 2005 and part of the fall 2005 sermon series, A month ago, we started our walk through the book of Acts with Pentecost and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the remaining disciples and others gathered in the upper room. Assembly Of God, THE SALVATION OF GOD What a beautiful way to think of yourself. 6:41,48) I am not a god to be treated lightly or trifled with. A miracle is something super natural (Luke 22:54-65) In the gospel of John, Jesus makes numerous I am statements throughout the book, as we go through this series, we will look at the meaning of each statement as we learn more about the character of our savior and Lord. my sermons are not copyrighted and may be used or preached freely. Pentecostal, Sermon that ask the question: Can a thinking person believe in Christ. Jesus Predicts Peter’s Denial 27 “All of you will desert me,” Jesus told them. I would say “I am a woman”. When you stand before God He will ask you 1 question, what did you do about my son Christ? ...read more, Scripture: Listening to ourselves is also listening to God. The Gifts of Christmas - Christmas Eve Kit, Denomination: It is my sincere desire that all who read them may be enriched. Moses, a great man of God who saw God face to face, died at 120(Dt.34:7. Or, John, an apostle of Jesus, identified himself as "one of His disciples, whom Jesus loved" (John 13: 23). I Am Who I Am Exodus 3:13-22. In 1984, 19-year-old Terry Wallis was thrown from his "I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE: HE THAT BELIEVETH IN ME, THOUGH HE WERE DEAD, YET SHALL HE LIVE. It may be you would answer with pride, "I am an American," or "I am Mexican," or "I am Rumanian." We worship a God who lives and Who holds our future. (a)- love & marriage were designed to add colour to life! The light of the world, I am. ...read more, Scripture: Do know we have that salvation in our hearts? We are co-heirs with Him, to bring the power of the Holy Spirit here! Or maybe we don’t trust the speaker. I am not a tribal deity. John 15:1. I AM that I AM. Did he really say that? Charismatic. Lord of Host was our God for many years!!! This name describes His fullness—His eternal existence, sovereignty, unlimited power, and omnipresence. 1 Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God, This is our responsibility now as children of God. In using the words “I AM THAT I AM,” God used an expression to reveal to Moses a promise and pledge found in His name. A study of the "miraculous" recovery of a man who spent 19 years in a minimally conscious state has revealed the likely cause of his regained consciousness. Some of you have the feel that the Church is a heritage to you by way of the great grandparents’ property. Jesus says what no one can say but God himself: “‘I am the door. Rich people like: Mansa Musa lived from 1280-1337 AD was the richest man on the earth ever lived with $400 billion four times higher than Bill Gates - Microsoft founder - $86 billion (£68 billion) who is the richest person on the earth today. Preaching is one means to that end, and therefore when I ponder what to preach, I look for things that will stir you up to trust God with all your heart. The aim of all my ministry is the advancement and joy of your faith to the glory of God (Philippians 1:20, 25). Socrates (469-399 BC) a Greek Philosopher died at 71. and latest APJ Abdul kalam loved by the younger generations died at 83. To start saving items to a SermonFolder, please create an account. All these things are good. We began this year considering the 7 miracles of Jesus as told my John. Who am I? I am the door of the sheep (Jn. If God is with us who can be against us? Ps.102:27 says- “you remain the same, your years never end”. The Lord one gave victory to David over Goliath is still alive. (Ps.8:3-5). Adolf Hitler a most violent ruler died at 56. The world was entirely ignorant of an event that was to take place in a remote desert. The Political personalities, the beauties, the wise men and the scientists all have died and gone none can claim that I am that I am. SOCIAL INJUSTICE, RACISM, AND LAWLESSNESS CONTINUES TO SPREAD LIKE WILDFIRE. But God So loved the world, the world of the Human beings and gave his only begotten son, JESUS (Jn.3;16). Who do you say that I am, not just intellectually, not just when you stand up in church on Sunday and recite the Creed, not just when you are enjoying quiet moments of prayer, not just when you are sharing with your fellow Christians. Copyright © 2003-2020 | Outreach, Inc., All rights reserved. To the saints who are in Ephesus, and are faithful[a] in Christ Jesus: Acts 7:59-60, Denomination: The Lord one gave victory to David over Goliath is still alive. He is making an exclusive claim: the claim of God. Such is the voice from the burning bush. Exodus 3:1-14, Denomination: and the sheep will be scattered.’ We are weaker than flies, weaker than animals. Many of the words we use to describe ourselves are just plain fact: Our pastor would say “I am a man”.

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