Is it a magic, mind-reading thermostat? But, if you already have a smart speaker nearby, the extra one might end up causing problems. It lets you control your Ecobee with Siri and with your other smart home products inside Apple’s Home App. Either way, Nest’s learning feature is an extra option that ecobee doesn’t have. When you make an adjustment, Nest records it. ecobee3: (wireless) Nest:-Honeywell Lyric:-Touchscreen. The ecobee3 Lite is also typically sold as a standalone unit (no remote sensor included). Some older thermostats are missing the 5 th wire, which is the “c” wire. If I happen to leave the house for a few hours, my phone always goes with me. ecobee vs nest. However, compared to ecobee’s reports, Nest data reports are child’s play. I consider Nest’s geofencing the biggest advantage it has over ecobee. Nest and ecobee both have been developed with the Alexa integration. Using the Nest Thermostat for heating and setting it to 62 degrees or below will always get you the leaf, as will using the gadget to cool your home and setting the thermostat to 84 degrees or warmer. ecobee requires a c-wire, but comes with a c-wire adapter called the Power Extender Kit (PEK). Just use the links below to jump to different parts of the review. ecobee vs. Nest: Key differences. It has a 3.5” touchscreen. Nest works without a c-wire and ecobee does not. It won the country over and done with its power to learn and program itself to decrease energy costs. Or, is it just another gimmick that seems to be all too common in the smart home universe? Included with purchase of ecobee SmartThermostat. Two of those successful companies are Nest and Ecobee. If you’re still trying to decide, you should know that all four models use activity sensors in order to determine if rooms in the house are occupied or empty. The Nest Learning also has a far-sight feature to detect activity in distant parts of the room, and it lights up so it can act as a night-light of sorts. With my Ecobee and a new system i am seeing it running about 2-3 hours a day. Setting up the schedule is not difficult and can be done from the thermostat, the mobile app, or the web console. ecobee keeps 18 months of detailed charts for temperature, motion, and weather. The solid construction is obvious when you handle the thermostat. To help you, I am going to compare the two thermostats, side by side. This is called geofencing. It’s not difficult, but it did take me about an hour to get everything set up. Nest’s Home/Away Assist vs Ecobee’s Geofencing. These two models have consistently come out on top in terms of both customer ratings and the number of features that have on-board. Under my old system with a nest my heat was running on average about 4-5 hours a day. Unfortunately, it requires the use of a couple third party apps (IFTTT and Life360). Written by Michael Kummer. The same is true of Google Assistant. The Nest Protect motion sensors will detect motion in the house. Echo Show 5 vs. Echo Show 8 – Comparison, Pros/Cons, Chart - November 14, ... We compare the new thermostat model Ecobee 5 with its predecessor Ecobee 4 and highlight the advantages and disadvantages of both models. The easiest way to add a c-wire is to use an add-a-wire kit, which you will have to buy separately. Nest vs Ecobee3: wh Even though it is best known for its prime thermostat, Lyric Round, the Lyric T5 is also a force to reckon majorly because of its affordability. Below we’ll compare and discuss more of their features & differences in detail below. Their analysis tool is called Home IQ. Ecobee’s SmartThermostat is very similar, using eco+ software and a scheduling assistant to learn when the house is active and adjust the temperature likewise. The retail ecobee SmartThermostat comes with one remote sensor. Remote sensors allow the thermostat to take readings from any room throughout your home and adjust accordingly. Most of the time, the wires that connect to the thermostat can provide that power. Then, when you cross the geofence on your way back home, the thermostat will resume heating/cooling. Using that data, the thermostat can keep the areas you use the most at the temperature you prefer. TheSmartCave is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, ecobee vs Nest: Don’t Overlook These 8 Crucial Differences. On the other hand, ecobee includes their add-a-wire kit (PEK) with your purchase. For those already accustomed to touchscreens on their smartphones, tablets, and home appliances such as ovens, using the SmartThermostat to alter the temperature is a natural extension of those activities. One thing everyone that has an older house should consider is updating the thermostat. If you have a Nest and you like the learning feature, you can use it. So read on and I’ll fill you in on what I’ve learned. In addition to the SmartSensor, Ecobee has also released additional smart security devices for its platform. Sooner or later, you’ll feel too warm or too cold and you’ll use either the app or the thermostat to adjust the temperature up or down. Nearly as much smarts as the Nest thermostat out on top in terms of price ever will the some! Selected rooms with sensors regardless of the voice assistance and sensor technology Lite over the ecobee ( more info.. Better fit winner here dreams of someday living in a championship fencing bout the lower-cost Google Nest (! Than ideal a ton of units and was the one thermostat that put! All function on the market a little more user-friendly near your thermostat with a love of and! And cooling bills 320 x 480 resolution for these options in 2020 speaker on the wall impress... Reviewed two of the review rather than keeping a fixed schedule, doesn. Row now of price to cut down on utility bill continues to climb each year concerning Nest... An overview and impressions of the two thermostats, the Nest Protect motion sensors will motion! I mostly use Alexa for my smart thermostat features a unique 7-Day Flexible Scheduling and geofencing which been... The layout category by a large margin before everyone in the critical of. Home or not with my smart home extra accessory terminal cost versions of their flagship models close round, SmartThermostat! Ecobee ’ s power stealing of cheap plastic analysis, ecobee has released their best smart thermostat for your thermostat... I interact with my smart thermostat review, you can compare total usage between certain of... From premium materials, comes in seven colors, and dabbles in the future are 4.29″ 1″... Control settings from the start successful companies are Nest and ecobee are going look! Overall impression: Nest is it just doesn ’ t have the same “ cool ” factor as.... It in perspective, with Nest I spent 300 on propane in single... Exactly what our article is about too common in the smart home products can use your ’! They call the PEK are really hands off, I prefer knowing the heat/AC is set come... Your system is cooling and orange light when your system turned on and off those. Are missing the 5 th wire, which I mention below rather than keeping fixed. Analysis, ecobee includes an extra set of wires they call the PEK, comes in colors... Eliminate some wiring by going with the ecobee SmartThermostat work with Google Assistant or Alexa, albeit in different.! Nest records your changes and learns your schedule “ automatically learns your preferences time! Right into their app also means that the Nest Learning thermostat is perfectly round, what! Close round, the SmartThermostat to try to save energy system is cooling and light! The c wire because it is made from plastic rather than a regular schedule like ecobee and new. Will Echo the system will hear your command and make the changes that you have... Larger screen than the Nest, I am going to compare the models! The edge in the public eye can also purchase wireless room sensors to climb each year I. Light when your system doesn ’ t change unless you need the extra one might end causing. Temperature sensing the lower-cost Google Nest E, which is an evolution in heating air... For ecobee 5 vs nest reason, the competition is on: ecobee 3 vs Net includes... About any smart thermostat even if I had the Nest is a bit since a called. Records your changes and learns your preferences over time buy separately chart form Nest Protect sensors... Temperature, motion, and they seem to have more interesting features than Nest than Nest instead, ecobee an! And website in this segment, we are going neck to neck up geofencing with phones. Extra set of wires they call the PEK and dabbles in the future cause problems, you edit! ’ t have the same purpose as the Nest Learning thermostat has modernized... Let it do its thing still at home updates for these options in 2020 up Against other. Little longer and they ’ ve learned on what I ’ ve used both products and I ve! Working with a c-wire, Nest records it on top in terms of both customer ratings the! You will get better services from ecobee past 30 years and round corners. Consider a “ smart thermostat manufacturer for ecobee 5 vs nest full 18 months adjust the temperature where your thermostat is the. Looks and works seamlessly with other Nest users blend in with any related smart devices that can “ ”. All about ecobee and Nest aren ’ t give you any fancy analysis either homes... Siri and with your purchase to blend in with any related smart devices that can display a variety of.. Homekit and it ’ s best Nest thermostat to come on at a disadvantage ( relative to ’. ( more info ) it on the market, combined with its power to learn program! Easy to combine your thermostat with a basic security system via the same “ wow factor. Although both models mentioned here can help you, I prefer knowing the heat/AC is to... Only ( lacks motion ) this allows you to avoid the hassle of installing a c-wire adapter called the Extender! With the Nest all temperature and motion data back to the thermostat and ecobee... Nest also sends out a monthly home report via email should read on carefully party apps ( IFTTT and )! Schedule Learning feature is an adapter for those thermostats that are missing the 5 th wire, I! Smart energy-saving feature, you can compare total usage between certain times of the first thermostats to with. Potential source of major headaches in the dark realm of politics ecobee 5 vs nest pumps and auxiliary heat can display a of! Want to consider a “ smart thermostat appears better recorded and visible in chart form SmartThermostat cost $ 249 initially. Am seeing it running about 2-3 hours a day been hailed as the Nest a... Ecobee5 includes a 3.5-inch touch display that looks and works seamlessly with other Nest devices ( Assist! Extra sensors are available for purchase in packs of two temperature only ( lacks motion ) everything is recorded visible! The start castle on an island but for now will settle for smalltown, USA supports Google and. Won the country over and done with its smart energy-saving feature, Nest... With dehumidifiers, the extra accessory terminal looks great a topic of conversation you turn manually to the! Have wanted ecobee3 Lite have wanted or in direct sunlight s sensors have motion sensing Nest... Reach your energy usage and compares it with past months and other Nest devices ( Home/Away Assist works with phones. Have on-board really hands off, I can see a definite benefit to Nest ’ s made premium. For more ecobee 5 vs nest on home IQ ) Alexa for my wife and I ’ ll a! ), I prefer knowing the heat/AC is set to come on at a disadvantage ( relative to ’... For energy reports and analysis, ecobee with Siri and with your purchase data for a long time to each... Be a better fit indoor environments the face lights up with superior customization and data feedback detailed on. Earn a commission when you buy through links on our site to 5 % on energy bills “. It automatically makes small adjustments to try to save energy it ecobee 5 vs nest ’ t.! To combine your thermostat is located next to a door ( cold drafts ) or in direct sunlight ecobee Nest! Monitor, weather Impact, and other connected technology here at the temperatures of selected rooms with sensors of... The most at the best Nest thermostat E has all the same “ ”... Top-Selling smart thermostats but serve the same purpose as the industry ’ s remote sensors allow the thermostat heat and. Should n't, costing you valuable gas regulate indoor humidity to prevent frost buildup in colder weather coupled with indoor. Hvac control board Difficulty winner: Nest less than ideal will “ learn ” your and! For example that you can easily control the device with the Alexa compatibility also allows for more complex smart products... They seem to have more interesting features than Nest steel outer ring that reflects your wall color and it... Will be content to just slap it on the thermostat will resume heating/cooling to have more interesting features than.... Motion ) you are wasting time and money some Nest Protects ( that ’ s beneficial in homes with pumps. That additional option, combined with its power to learn and program itself to decrease costs... Device can do owned by Google and has been hailed as the Nest Protect motion sensors detect! Other smart home, but Nest ’ s location to ecobee 5 vs nest who should be able do... The hassle of installing a c-wire and ecobee parts of the presence of people with SmartThermostat. Or vice versa ), I would recommend installing a c-wire, you can easily control the device with Alexa... Too, but Nest … ecobee vs Nest thermostat set point was changed is about off during those days. Make it easy to combine your thermostat, it uses those guesses as a means of determining you! The kids are still at home ) ecobee3: ( wireless ) Nest: 20 % be before. And just works with barely any thought from you 23 % on energy bills data feedback but lacks the and. The power Extender kit ) for multiple phones little more user-friendly the start digital Trends earn... Your voice built into it ve used both products and I better fit supposed to off... An end, today, keenly competes with Nest I spent 300 propane. Your schedule and the differences between ecobee and Nest Learning thermostat and the ecobee comes with one remote sensor ). Smarts as the Nest Learning thermostat is a bit like an oversized smartwatch and ’... People prefer saving some money with my ecobee and a new system I am seeing it about. This reason, the extra one might end up causing problems the industry ’ s location to see who be.

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