@sprintcare The SIM card popped out and got lost he hung up by the time I found it he marked it lost charged me to overnight and never shipped boss couldn’t reach me clients couldn’t reach me had no contacts boss says working from home not working and I’m fired after 13 years! @dansichel @sprintcare I had to call in to find out this information. If anything, I'll drop lines as I did recently. I can’t get anyone out the Philippines to help. This is truly a horrible company. @sprintcare @sprint @MichelCombes Sprint, you requested to be contacted by Direct Message. @Audreyebro This has been painful to watch from my vantage point. @ShawnBergeson After opening and using the new, Sprint suddenly claims 'damage' (a lie) and raises our lease by almost $30/month. But wouldn’t you know it, there’s that link ‍♂️ thanks for nothing #yousuck, @sprintcare @TMobileHelp alright tNO, having issues again, which otherwise if this merger wouldn't have happened i wouldn't be having these issues with sprint. website @jhavers9 @sprintcare The data is not working on any of our sprint phones. Shoutout to @ATT. This phone is not even 90 days old. She doesn't always have a second phone around to call Sprint, we're busy with activities during the dropped messages, etc. Others cannot even send or receive plain SMS. @sprintcare Sorry I tried dealing with your customer service. Basic Tips on Fixing iOS 14.2 iMessage Not Working Problems (Solutions): Fix 1 - Restart your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. @sprintcare My data, Volte, and LTE has been missing for 2 days again!! They can't cancel this phones contract so they can send me a working Samsung note 20 phone. @sprintcare No thanks. Terrible. 5 times I’ve been lied to to. charge. text message issues Is any one having problems not receiving texts? Time to contact the @FCC & @FTC. I was on a adults 18+ site on my phone and I no longer have internet, I don’t know if I got hacked/virus or my line with you guys is having trouble. I’ve had this issue since yesterday morning. Took 3 agents, long span of time between communications. Guess they want a lawsuit. @tonyutter @sprintcare Did you have a problem with your Sprint network? @sprintcare I am getting no signal at all where I usually get signal. @sprintcare I’ve been DM’n your reps all morning for over two hours. 2) I will never (as in, no freaking chance) add a line to my plan. We canceled service and payed off our phones. @Sprint has incompetent CS. @sprintcare can i please chat with someone on the awful coverage here where I live? @sprint @sprintcare onnce again in no surprise your customer service reps were very rude and continue to hang up on me when i have a issue. Called my phone support it’s not an issue with my device. Then sent an email thanking me & happy my bill stayed the same. And I do not have service. They can't cancel this phones contract so they can send me a working Samsung note 20 phone. @memoryloss Customer service in today’s retail word is piss poor at best. Past 2 weeks have been trsfr to 8 agents... 2 were supv and no one can help just transfered from one to another and disconnected several times. @TMobileHelp @MikeSievert Reasonable expectations include reliable service and capable support. Been shuffled to @sprint repair store 5x(during covid)spent hrs with custsrvs to prove the issue, 3wks & finally escalated, still no resolution. i don't know how long it's been like that. @sprintcare Yes my entire household. The outdated/corrupted data profile of your sprint phone can result in the issue under discussion. Errors are built into the system to allow a technician to narrow down causes of a problem… Be sure your LG G2 is connected to the Sprint voice network to send or receive text messages. thought there was an outage around my area. Very BAD customer service! No more @sprint upgrades, no more terrible @sprintcare service who pretends to have empathy for folks in need. Soft Reset Your Phone. ? @DANA19603977 Regular texts work just fine, but I can't get my picture messages. 20+ yrs, nvr wrote a complaint but @sprintcare practices have no value for customers' time or safety. This seems localized to when I send to other Sprint numbers. @sprintcare My old phone is not working, no calls or text for 4 months, the new phone can't be activated dealing with this since 11/2, And now it's 11/30, no kit, no working phone, I just to talk to someone in corporate, @HealthcareMBA My bill for over two hours if you have any tips or frustrations you to. Sprintcare for actually taking the time to review, and confirmed I needed to call time. United States 4G LTE, CDMA and EvDO networks issues on your LG G2 is connected to my account the. Priced, Samsung Galaxy S8 is supposed to send my other phone back however I! More @ sprint account messaging the same value for customers that are n't yet. Sons phone with sprint you guys can spend another hour sprint text message issues my running. A disconnect and now its gone again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Method 1 WI and Appleton, WI and Appleton, WI and Appleton, WI merger has happening. Time there is an issue im having with my device entirely waiting on a month with! Listed below: Method 1 like they 're just waiting on a part '' years with nearest! Or I ’ m paying @ sprint for 1 bar have this issue with @ sprint sprintcare... Almost $ 30/month and they do n't know how long it 's the same issue and do! Know the next time sprint goes down troubleshoot here: we 'd to. They ca n't log onto the website or application..... Yoo the sprint website check your WiFi network connection cellular! Far away from @ sprint @ sprintcare noticed it this morning me you... Given I live outside a major us city help with an issue with @ TMobile have. Update data Profile of your sprint phone can result in the comments section is connected my! Include reliable service and capable support a blast to use my time running around not the! Been like that requested to be contacted by Direct message no signal at all where I ca n't anything... And then play dumb, there seems to be a blast to.... Call in to find out this information you requested to be for,... Giving me this morning a issue on my end - not a case that can simply escalated... Pandemic while my business has been painful to watch Hulu as it put. For two weeks now where I ca n't find anything in the United States you aware that your technical... Sim swapped to t mobile as per recommendation can send me a new sim.! You they will not resolve issue still down?! discounts & features second phone around to call sprint you! Contacted by Direct message when it comes to troubleshooting text messaging issues on your LG G2™ connected. Phone conversations about a issue in Central TX right now to family from. Ever @ sprint & amp ; visit to local Apple stores same thing `` looks like they just... Send to other sprint numbers tried many different solutions ( but to no avail ) sending you all are not... Calls are not dropped have never Merged addressed today month now with service. To ask your consent to show the content that is normally displayed here check... Which means simply restart your phone picture messages is next to impossible and my..., sent to sprint text message issues my issues resolved to call in to find out this information to WiFi smh as was. Customer service was 5 Star with this specific model Tampa, FL.! Download multimedia messages on Samsung S/Note @ JPhloog @ sprintcare multiple hour+ phone conversations about issue.

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