Noise pollution has disturbed the peaceful environment and contributed to increasing the number of diseases in our lives. Perhaps you know very well about some of the causes of noise pollution and their adverse effect on human health. If an airport is present in a short radius, then also noise pollution may occur. 6. Also, you can shut the door of the room where noisy appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, blenders, and grinders are running to reduce the noise. The elevated sound of air traffic and the sound of aeroplane take-off and landing may also cause the noise of higher decibels. Besides this, some of the household activities also induce noise pollution. Animal looses the control … How the Vehicle Integration Tools, Android Auto and Apple Car Play, Differ from Each Other? This chapter summarizes effects of transportation as cause of noise. The physical organs of children are under the development stage. They even communicate with each other with the help of sound waves. There are some aspects which most of the people do not have any idea about. To avoid this, you can clean your ear and add ear drops regularly. ... noise reduction by means of traffic control and police measures. Even wooden flooring help in noise reduction, though they are not as effective as vinyl flooring. Does noise pollution only affect humans? Since industrial emissions are one of the major causes of air pollution, the pollutants can be controlled or treated at the source itself to reduce its effects. It is of utmost importance to recognize the causes of noise pollution and then take the best control measures possible to reduce it effectively. Since the menace of noise pollution is impacting the lives of humans and animals, so there is a need to take into consideration noise pollution control methods. If someone is tapping their feet, or blowing whistles for fun while you are trying to work are also categorised under noise pollution if they interrupt your concentration, and in turn your productivity and efficiency. Also, prolonged usage of earplugs without ample care can cause the wax to accumulate or even cause an ear infection. Noise pollution affects blood pressure directly. Erect wall partitions to allocate separate spaces for noisy equipment. Don’t keep them playing in the background when you are not listening to it. high blood pressure and even something as fatal as a cardiac arrest (or heart attack) in people It is also a simple way of reducing the noise, especially from hard floors. In some cases, road traffic noise at high levels may cause headache, dizziness, impaired circulation and … Also, we mentioned above the best control measures that one should take to avoid its ill-effects of loud noise. It is quite comfortable too and prevents you from catching a cold at the same time. It can be defined as the addition of any harmful substance which is also known as pollutant or contaminants into the soil and polluting it. Noise is undesirable and unwanted sound. Do Check the Noise Levels at Regular Intervals: Measures to Reduce Noise Pollution at a Glance: 4. Exposure to high noise levels for a long duration may affect the hearing ability of a person. You can report the breach of such laws only when you are aware of it. Noise pollution can affect all age groups. We all have studied in the school times as well in many places that any unwanted noise that creates a problem for a human being is categorized as “noise”. It is available in just a few bucks hence proving to be an effective solution. Additionally, any type of unwanted noise is included in the noise pollution too. Even if you do not go for the full-fledged insulating procedure, just weather-stripping the windows can also cut off the outside noise to a considerable level. In this post, we have discussed noise pollution causes, effects, and prevention on various grounds. Electronics like television, speakers, earphones, etc should be played at low volume. Essay on Noise Pollution: Sources, Effects and Control! These can also help with the insulation and reduces the heating and cooling bills. Oil does not dissolve in water and hence oil usually floats on the surface of water. Noise may not seem as harmful as the contamination of air or water, but it IS a pollution problem that affects human health and can contribute to a general deterioration of environmental quality. High decibel sound affects marine life in the ocean. Planting trees around your home can absorb the noise. Do not leave the appliances on when not in use. Here, you should keep in mind that if you cannot hear what someone is saying beside you, then the volume is too high! Loud music, barking dogs, horns, etc can create too much noise. Wooden or laminate flooring reduces noise by just 6 %. Even while you are asleep, they constantly process the sound for you. Wherein noise like traffic, DJ, etc has become a part of everyday life. Even if we do not realise, the deterioration in health takes place. Children are affected physically and even psychologically too. This can be effective when installed around the washing machine space or other such locations that produce a loud noise. Canvas paintings can also help in reducing noise. When oil or gas deposits are to be located in the depths of the ocean, tow devices like air guns release pulses of sound towards the ocean floor. Environmental pollution is one of the most dangerous threats to human health. Be considerate while playing television or music. Even wall paintings can also aid in sound reduction. How to Control Noise pollution (Ways to reduce noise pollution) The presence of high-intensity undesirable sound or noise in the atmosphere is called “noise pollution” that has extremely harmful effect on the environment. When you are visiting a concert or show, stand at a greater distance from the speakers kept in the audience. If the machines are lubricated with oil from time to time, then friction between its movable parts is reduced. Many of you must be curious to know the definition of sound pollution. Here we have mentioned some of the best control measures that a person can use to eradicate the various types of noise pollution. Older appliances whose life is over should be replaced. Employers can use the findings of the risk assessment to formalise an action plan for controlling noise. Machines should be lubricated with oil at regular intervals. If cultural infrastructure like halls and auditoriums are present, then hustle-bustle by people and loud noise of music may also cause noise pollution. Also, many organizations are working to curb the menace of unwanted noise by spreading awareness among the people. If noise is coming across a wall, erecting a bookshelf or cabinet on that wall may reduce the sound. Practice them and find out what works out for your body and situation. Pollution of every kind is harmful to nature. Effects of Noise Pollution. The presence of chemicals and harmful pollutants in soil, higher than the natural level, is also termed as soil pollution. Earplugs act as cut-off from the outside noise. Furniture if selected of proper quality helps in reducing the vibrations of sound and echoes. Following are the causes and sources of noise pollution: Industrialisation: Industrialisation has led to an increase in noise pollution as the use of heavy machinery such as generators, mills, huge exhaust fans are used, resulting in the production of unwanted noise. effectiveness of planned control measures; the number of individuals who would benefit from those control measures. Hanging wall paintings on the wall across which the noise is coming. World Health Organisation has commented that exposure to sound levels up to 70 decibels does not affect human health, no matter how long the exposure is. Get updated about Mind-blowing Posts once every month. Fencing can also be installed to reduce the sound waves and vibrations produced by it. Increasing noise pollution is very harmful for the health, efficiency and productivity of animals, organisms, flora etc. Above are few of the measures that can help to avoid the noise- some of them are as simple as plugging in earplugs or closing the window! Reducing exposure to excessive noise in the workplace can be accomplished in many different ways: Change or … Noise cancellation earphones have a feature to filter the unwanted surrounding noise. It teaches us to create a barrier to external noise. Check the noise levels in your area whether they are underspecified limits or not. Control Measures It is through the concerted effort of the people that we can combat or minimize air pollution. We can take three kinds of measures to control noise pollution: preventive, curative and awareness-building measures.

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