Find your answer quickly and easily on our Customer Service page. You can use this to enable the entire grill. For this setting, you should preferably only use 1 baking sheet or oven rack. You can use this function to bake cakes of which the crust has already been baked. Please refer to your manual for information on the symbols as these would differ on each appliance. Fan Oven. Fan oven symbol. Many symbols on controls, no manual. The information these cookies collect may be anonymised and they cannot track your browsing activity on other websites. With two lines at the top and bottom of the symbol, this setting is ideal for roasting and for baking items like pastries, scones or biscuits on a tray. You can use the grill to broil food, but also to cook meat, fish, or vegetables. We explain how this innovate technology works. You can use this setting for bain-maries or to finish cooking a dish, but it's also useful for dishes that are cooked at high temperatures. What Does The Fan Mean? Ideal for roasting tender cuts of meat and poultry. Is there a users manual on-line? Ideal for all types of food, 4D hotAir allows you to cook sweet and savoury simultaneously on up to 4 shelves, without flavours and smells intermingling. See more. The oven function "hot air grills" or "infrabrates" is suitable for frying large pieces of meat or for baking on one level. Meals that need a good distribution of heat are dishes like roasts or desserts and sweets. either oven control knob or the touch control smart botton. If the oven is in use this will switch OFF after a few seconds. ... CDA dk1150ss will not swich on and what the symbols mean Dave Lane ... CDA fan oven … If you’re in the Republic of Ireland, call us on 01450 2655. The standard setting for many electric fan-assisted ovens shows a fan, often inside a circle. This is a result of the convection system's cooling & circulation. With CircoTherm® technology, you can evenly cook multiple dishes at once, with no intermingling of flavours. The only one I’m now stuck on is a Fan symbol with a bottom element beneath and then 3 water drops below that. Using the grill with the fan on is ideal for gentle roasting as the fan circulates the hot air all around the oven. Create an account to order from our online store, register your appliances and for easy access to our online support. With Home Connect, you can manage your appliances via the app or via voice control, access recipes and get quick assistance with remote diagnostics. If you activate these cookies, you will be able to view ads targeted to your interests and preferences. If you select upper heat, the oven only switches on the upper heating element. Why does the manual state to heat the appliance for 30 minutes before initial use? Ovens with a function like NEFF’s EasyClean® soften food residues to make them easier to wipe away on a regular basis. If you click on "decline", we will only use session cookies to improve user-friendliness and measure statistical reach. The symbol looks like a bell. With the "Hot air grills" heating mode, the fan does not run continuously. Find a local NEFF dealer to help you create the kitchen of your dreams. The secret to better cooking could lie in your oven settings. This will ensure the fan will automatically continue to run. Other than that, the microwave is very suitable for boiling vegetables and potatoes. Make sure to check which part of the grill you're using, so you can place your dish in the right spot. These cookies can also be used to remember changes you have made to text size, fonts and other parts of web pages that you can customise. Fan-forced grill. You can use the crisp function to speed up the cooking process, so you'll be able to serve a crispy dish quickly. If you have a question, need to order replacement spare parts or arrange an engineer, call us on 0344 892 8989. To reset the time of day, press button (1) and (2) together. I think the symbols indicate convection or regular, top heat or bottom. An extra baking sheet or oven rack would block this. Ovens; Cookers; Resolution. Please note that depending on the settings you choose, the full functionality of the website may no longer be available. Grilling of steaks and sausages are usually done with the full grill, shown by two rows of jagged lines. 4D hotAir. This fan with bottom heat setting is also great for pastry dishes where you want to keep the fillings moist. The secret to better cooking could lie in your oven settings. If the symbol you're looking for isn't in the list, it's probably a special type of program. Heating up, or 'regeneration', in a steam oven takes longer than a microwave, but you'll notice the result tastes a lot better. Ovens with this function will have a symbol showing a dish with heat rising from it. If you try to grill a thick piece, you'll notice it's difficult to fully cook the inside without burning the outside. Where is the description of the oven function? A second baking sheet or oven rack won't receive the extra heat from the lower heating element. Many NEFF ovens feature CircoTherm®, a unique hot-air system that enables you to bake and roast at the same time on different shelves in your oven, enabling you to cook different dishes at the same time (and have them ready at the same time). What is the best setting for pizza? The steaming function allows you to steam not only vegetables and potatoes, but also rice, meat, fish, and poultry. There is no way to program the control board to tell the convection fan to stay on continuously. It will also help speed up … For this reason, it is ideal turn the oven fan when you cook foods such as roast beef, chicken, pork, grilled vegetables, cakes, puddings, pastries, muffins and even bread.In a cake shop or a bakery, oven fans are widely used to make the yeast rise.. And although the symbols may look different depending on the brand, most ovens will have similar settings. Fan With Top And Bottom Elements : A single fan symbol with an upper and lower arc. This functions similarly to the snowflake function, but only when the thermostat is at zero. The fan oven symbol is a fan. Or tips to get started? Ovens with top and bottom heating elements are very versatile as the elements can be turned on and off separately. The symbol for this function is the zigzag (grill) line at the top and … 100°F - 500°F Reduced cooking time (up to 10%). The advantage of steaming is that it retains flavors and nutrients better than other preparation methods. Fan Assisted Oven: The set function is for the upper and lower heating elements and the fan to be … Look for a symbol showing frost with a water droplet below it. The Siemens oven symbol guide will explain the latest range of functions on your oven, from cooking to cleaning, giving you full control of your kitchen. This symbol denotes the grill plus the fan and, unlike the grill alone, the oven door … Ideal for multi-level baking and roasting of meat and poultry. Thanks for your help. If you only use the grill for larger pieces of meat and fish, you run the risk of burning the outside while the inside is still raw. Use with the oven door closed and the temperature set no higher than 220°C. This is the basic setting on many ovens for most cooking tasks. Similar to the straight line on the conventional oven cooking symbol, the oven grill icon typically features wavy lines. A singular fan symbol. Receive the best promotions and personal advice. NEFF ovens feature CircoTherm®, a unique hot-air system that enables you to bake and roast The fan doesn’t get used with this setting. These are cookies that are used to deliver content that best suits you and your interests. These symbols often indicate that the cookware is oven-safe, dishwasher-safe, induction cooker-safe, electric cooker-safe, gas cooker-safe, and microwave oven-safe. Frozen granular food is thawed slowly at room temperature. This low temperature setting is really practical as it enables you to safely defrost frozen food quickly. This setting is less suitable for baking pies, but handles casseroles well, for example. Fan oven. On NEFF ovens, this symbol shows a loaf of bread. You can use this setting to make casseroles, meat, and pies. The part grill is used for grilling smaller amounts of food. The way the defrost mode works differs between ovens and microwave ovens. Oven fan If the fan symbol is surrounded by a circle it means the fan has its own heating element. Utilises the fan with combined elements, but preheating the oven is still required. If you click on "Accept", you allow us to record your usage behavior on this website. The extra-hot dish heats the bottom, while the grill is aimed at the top of your dish. Care needs to be taken to make sure your food is directly under the hot grill area. Ovens with Pyrolytic cleaning functionality heat built-up food residues to turn them to ash that can then be wiped away. We’ll also help you to learn the best oven symbols for baking cakes, scones, pastries, bread and pizzas. With the defrost mode, you can defrost products without heating them up. Look for the symbol showing a fan with a single line below, or on NEFF ovens with a specific pizza mode there will be a symbol showing a sliced pizza. You can use this setting if you're going to grill a full baking sheet. Yes No. The symbol uses a single jagged line. Login with Facebook and Google is no longer possible. 8. This option is usually only available on a multi-function, high quality oven. Ovens with this function use gentle top and bottom heating to cook food thoroughly and tenderly for several hours. Use of cookies. This indicates that the fan spreads heat from the bottom or top element. Fan Cooking The heat generated by the oven element is distributed throughout the oven by the fan. Cooked food may be cooled down. This setting is ideal for grilling large amounts of food that cover the whole grill area.

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