Engineered to deliver a very balanced, powerful, and articulate sound stage, the W60 delivers breathtaking and immersive sound that makes the most out of any recorded, mastered music or audio. When Westone came out with their original BT V1 adapter cable with MMCX plugs I was thrilled. IDEAL FOR: All personal audio and video devices Because of the rounded, non-clinical sound, lossy files don't sound too bad on either earphone. Customer Service 800.221.5743 or 212.239.7765. The packaging, the tips, cables and case are the same, aside from minor differences in the cover designs. The texture of vocals and guitars come out more on the W60, making them a more nuanced experience. Westone W60 Shop now at Amazon. Engineered to deliver a very balanced, powerful and articulate sound stage, the W60 delivers breathtaking and immersive sound that makes the most out of any recorded, mastered music or audio. If fitted properly, both headphones have great sound isolation. This one is almost too close to call. Back to Product List. It’s got a liquid alloy metal shell and a beryllium copper MMCX. There may be slight differences in weight or shape but I cannot tell. Portable Headphones, Earphones and In-Ear Monitors. The 1More Triple Driver are slightly better headphones overall than the Westone W40. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Much depends on mood, of course - I am more likely to think audio equipment excellent when I’m in the mood to listen to music. To repeat what I’ve said previously, I much preferred the look and feel of the W4/W4R. If you have any questions, please contact us by email at or call 1-800-525-5071. I love both these headphones so much, I simply can’t pick a favorite. Comparing Westone W60 vs Westone B50 vs Westone W40 . Engineered to deliver a very balanced, powerful, and articulate sound stage, the W60 delivers breathtaking and immersive sound that makes the … The buds on the W30 and the UM Pro 30 are almost the same. When I sat down to compare the two I was expecting to hear obvious differences. In its nine separate production studios Westone produces not only custom in-ears, but also the UM line of universal in-ears, military earpieces, and hearing-aid products. Jeez, this is a tough one. Compatible with Westone W60, W50, AM Pro30, AM Pro20, AM Pro10, um Pro 50, W40-4, um pro 30, W30, um pro 20, W20, W10, um Pro 10 Headphones. If you prioritize transparency and balance, the Westone W60 is the way to go. And I found the rounder shape of the W30 to provide a better seal. 1MORE … The Vega is a sturdy, handsomely designed headphone, while the W60 is incredibly light and easy to pop in your ear. Retail price: $999 USD Amazon W60 + Bluetooth cable: I digress. But if you’re a bass head and listen to a lot of pop music, you’ll prefer the Vega. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Overall, the Vega has a more powerful and heavy bass feel. Interestingly, the highs are quieter in the W60 than the W40, but they are better, more realistic. ), while the Westone W60 is $1000. vs. Shure SE846 Sound Isolating Earphones . Westone w10 vs w60. Live Chat. Westone Laboratories, Inc. P.O. This is a review of Westone W40 in-ear headphones from their new W-series. The W60 has to be worn over the ear and the standard cables have a pre-bent memory part which perfectly fits my ears. The Westone Audio W40 is the ideal first earphone for those music lovers and critical listeners looking to get the absolute most from their listening experiences. It’s not as easy as I had thought. My views on a pair of earphones can swing from ‘sluggish, dull, boomy’ one day to ‘light, crisp, airy’ the next. USE CODE "youtube10" TO GET 10% OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER at W10 and W60 in Audio46 on-line store: Listening to rock and folk, I found it hard to choose which headphone I enjoyed listening to more. Putting both headphones through the classical music test, I think I preferred the W60. The Westone also have better noise isolation, which makes them a bit more suitable to use in noisy conditions. SUMMARY – Westone W60 Versus Campfire Vega Comparison Review. I received one for review years ago, and was pleased enough to buy several more for myself and my son. Westone W60 In-Ear Headphones . The Campfire Vega is certainly heavier and takes longer to get a good seal. For some bonus material, here's the W60's designer talking about the W60... © 2001-2020 Westone W60 Shure SE846; Brand: Westone: Shure: Key Features - The premier six-driver system with a three-way crossover yields the finest audio available today from any earphone. At the same time, the high strings and choirs sounded a little rounder and easier to listen to on the Vega. Westone Audio, known for its in-ear and acoustic innovation products over the last few decades, has added more reason to boast in regards to audiophile grade in-ear monitors with its new W10 & W40 headphones. The Westone W60 was designed by musicians and music lovers, their goal is to help you get the most out of the music you love, Live, and enjoy, No matter what you listen to. Here’s the breakdown…. The Vega feels a lot sturdier than the W60. I can’t find anything wrong with either the Vega or W60. Ideal for all personal audio and video devices. At the end of the day, whichever headphone you choose, you’re #winning. Westone W40 Four-Driver True-Fit Earphones with MMCX Audio Cable . They had a classy aesthetic quality that is sadly lacking from the newer models. Jeez, this is a tough one. The Westone W60 has a replaceable cable and Westone chose the MMCX connector to connect the cable to the earphone and that means there are whole bunch of aftermarket cables you can use with it. The soundstage is wide and has a good out of your head depth expansion, being wider than W40-2. All rights reserved. Westone W60. Box 15100, Colorado Springs, CO 80935 Physical Address: Campfire Vega is defined by its juicy and powerful feel. The bass of the W60 goes deeper than I had expected. But now we have the W60’s little brother, the W50. Hip-hop, pop and EDM are a lot of fun to listen to. DISCLOSURE: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to, affiliated sites and sponsors. Westone W40 Shop now at Amazon. Westone W60 Versus Campfire Vega Comparison Review, IN the BOX – Westone W60 Versus Campfire Vega Comparison Review, 3 pairs of single bore silicone tips (small, medium and large), 5 Pairs of Star silicone ear tips (1 pair installed on headphones), 3 x memory foam tips (small, medium and large), 3 x spin fit tips (small, medium and large), 3 Pairs of replaceable faceplates (gold – installed / silver / red), 55″ cable and in-line remote/microphone (right angle 3.5mm plug), 50″ Braided cable (right angle 3.5mm plug), FIT and DESIGN – Westone W60 Versus Campfire Vega Comparison Review, SOUND – Westone W60 Versus Campfire Vega Comparison Review, SUMMARY – Westone W60 Versus Campfire Vega Comparison Review, SPECIFICATIONS – Westone W60 Versus Campfire Vega Comparison Review, Six balanced armature drivers with a 3-way crossover, Westone W60 Six-Driver True-Fit Earphones with MMCX Audio Cable and 3 Button MFi Cable with Microphone, JLab Rewind Wireless Headphones are a Modern Take on Vintage Cans, Campfire Andromeda Versus Shure SE846 Comparison Review, Auris Audio Reveals New HA-2SF Tube Amplifier, Focal Clear vs Radiance Comparison Review, Estelon Announces Forza Anniversary Edition, Apple Unveils Airpods Max Over-Ear Wireless Headphones. How do their sound signatures compare? JavaScript is disabled. My set: Chord Mojo + Astell&Kern ak100 mkii + Westone 4 + Sennheiser IE8 + AKG Q701 Westone set the bar pretty high with their previous W60 flagship universal earphone, also reviewed previously on Of course, each model will have its corresponding label, but their size/shape are the same. Both headphones produce spectacular sound, so I knew this was going to be a hard comparative review. But more drivers don’t necessarily mean better quality. Glad Westone took a note of it as well, and the new v2 W40, W60, and W80 are all feature the same size metal j-clip faceplates. A measure of how receptive to music I am is the number of times I skip to the next track. Blind test, Earbuds 1000$ vs 200$. Home » Westone » Westone W40 vs Shure SE535 Posted by admin on 7 Nov, 2019 In Westone Earphones or headphones is a very useful tool to have around and a must-haves for anyone who loves listening to music on a daily basis because they let the users to … Westone W40. The smooth, balanced sonics of the Westone W60 is a great match with most music genres and will appeal to the vast majority of serious music enthusiasts. The multiple award-winning, Westone W60 features six balanced-armature drivers and a 3-way passive crossover. Share on. Lucky for us the OCD Westone Labs engineers and audio visionary Karl Cartwright really felt that they could do better, so set upon the task of adding 2 more drivers and tuning the signature to create a new bar for the industry to aspire to. First of all, I take my hat off to those on here that post in-depth reviews and impressions. MajorHiFi may receive commission from retail offers. The W60 has more in the upper mids. Sometimes there is nothing that hits the spot and I am skip-happy, other times any random song causes aural pleasure. I’m surprised this is not mentioned more in these parts, actually. But using the small silicone tips, the W30 felt more snug and se… The fact that the box the headphones arrive in has a ribbon tab and folds open like a deluxe edition of a book emanates luxury. The fact that it actually challenged my Shure SE846 favoritism is no small accomplishment. The earpieces look and feel the same. vs. Shure SE535-CL-E . Hands on: Westone W60 ... Other notable products debuted today at the Westone booth include the W50 and W40, which offer five and four armature driver sets respectively, and … The Campfire Vega has a bit more spaciousness than the Westone W60. Sales & Expert advice 800.606.6969 or 212.444.6615. Returning to the W40 after spending a couple of weeks with the W60 was like putting on an old pair of glasses with a weaker lens and finding everything a little blurry. Westone W60 Vs Shure SE846. The cable is silver-plated copper Litz. What’s going on in one’s life or in one’s mind can have an enormous impact on how we perceive sound, or how we perceive anything, for that matter. Print Email. I can’t find anything wrong with either the Vega or W60. Alternating between the W40 and W60, I was surprised how similar they are. Your place is lost or damaged audio cables with this high quality replacement say that the sound quality you expect from these headphones. But the sound on the W60 has such great accuracy and separation, that it’s more suitable for critical listening. So when Between the two of us we have the W40, W50, W60 x2, W80, … The Westone have a more durable, premium design with replaceable cables, a better carrying case, and a more comfortable in-ear fit with a lot of tip options. And while the mids on the W60 are also well balanced, the sound isn’t quite as full and rich. So, if you’re looking for loads of low end to drown out the mood, these aren’t the IEM … Soundwise, both have a distinctive ‘Westone sound’ that I find difficult to describe. The sound is warm, coloured and smooth. If the Westones were a photograph they would have a slight sepia tone; not presenting an exact picture but pleasing on the eye (or the ear) nonetheless. Both are very small and ergonomically shaped, offering the best sound isolation on the market, next to Shure. I’ve always loved the way my previous Westone IEMs (W3, W40, W50 and W60) have portrayed female vocals and the W80s have retained that similar magic and added a touch of improvement to the micro detail retrieval that only makes the presentation that much more realistic. Westone’s W60 is characterized by clarity and balance. Perhaps if I used bigger ear tips, I would get a different fit. I really enjoyed the highs on the W60. Contact Us. It was only after a couple of weeks' listening I was able to come to the following conclusions: The W60 is 'flatter' than the W40, which is a good thing in my opinion. NuForce Primo8 Quad-Driver Earphones with World's First Phase-Coherent Crossover Design . They’re a little more defined and pronounced than the Campfire Vega. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. A side-by-side comparison of the predecessor W4R vs SE846. There’s a nice balance between the low and high mids. ". This seems to open up the music and makes them sound clearer, cleaner and crisper than the younger sibling. In short, the W60s aren't obviously much better than the W40s, but theyÂ. But both are an impressive multidimensional experience. However, the interior shape of the UM Pro 30 is flat, unlike the rounded W30. Here are my views on how the W60 and W40 compare, which will probably have changed completely by the end of the day. The multiple award-winning, Westone W60 features six balanced-armature drivers and a 3-way passive crossover. For sure, the Vega has more oomf than the W60. The Westone W60 is light, and very easy to seal. The W60 also has 6 balanced armature drivers, while the Vega has only one dynamic driver. That being said, neither model offers an insane amount of bass that BEATS your eardrums. Westone’s newest class of hi-fi consumer headphones is led by the W40, a powerhouse of four balanced armature drivers compressed into a light … If you prioritize transparency and balance, the Westone W60 is the way to go. Westone W40 As much I enjoy reviewing and sharing my experience of headphones in different price categories, nothing puts a bigger smile on my face when I dive into sound with multi-driver IEMs (in-ear monitors). The … Gabby is a composer, songwriter and music producer who has worked in the music, film, and commercial industries for too long. Add at least two items to compare. But the W Series models, which include the W10, W20, W30, W40, W50, and W60, are manufactured in China under Westone’s supervision. W60-2steps up from W40-2 tuning to the next level with the following changes. Music is sharper with the W60, but still retains the smooth Westone sound. You must log in or register to reply here. No items to compare. purchase other Westone products and accessories, please call 1-800-525-5071 or visit us at: At Westone, we value your satisfaction. The design of the W40 is fun because the shell of the earbuds can be removed and swapped for either a red, blue, or black piece to customize. Deep and dry, it’s got some great clarity and punch. Campfire Vega has just reduced its price to $1099 (thank God! The multiple award-winning, Westone Audio W60 features six balanced-armature drivers and a 3-way passive crossover. Low end sub-bass rumble goes deeper, sounds more textured, and mid-bass adds more to the punch, with an overall bass impact being more elevated and hitting harder. This seems to open up the music and makes them sound clearer, cleaner and crisper than the younger sibling. The W40 has too much in the lower mids, making them a little muffled and a little bloated. You can find these headphones for the best price at: Audio 46: Westone W60 Headphones Use our promo code “majorhifi” to get a 10% discount, Amazon:Campfire Audio Vega In-Ear Headphones, Amazon:Westone W60 Six-Driver True-Fit Earphones with MMCX Audio Cable and 3 Button MFi Cable with Microphone. And by little, I mean it lacks one driver (five as opposed to six).

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