You do not want to admit that America is a Dutch/German word LOL LOL LOL. In a geographical context, this can also be interpreted as a place to the west. It was the first map, printed or manuscript, to depict clearly a separate Western Hemisphere, with the Pacific as a separate ocean. Don’t you know by now that if you want any real history of The United States Co. The United States of America would have been the last found country; however, it has a great history. North America was added to it later. Visit our corporate site. May 10, 2009 at 10:34 pm; 0 Votes. An edition of 1,000 copies of the large wood-cut print was reportedly printed and sold, but no other copy is known to have survived. “So you and everyone can call it United States of America after that, but you cannot call it simply “America” because it wouldn’t be correct and may cause the issues and confusion we have nowadays”. America is named after Amerigo Vespucci, the Italian explorer who set forth the then revolutionary concept that the lands that Christopher Columbus sailed to in 1492 were part of a separate continent. Amerike is chiefly remembered because of old documents rediscovered in 1955, proving his ship’s discovery of Newfoundland and lands southward to Maryland in 1497. US citizens should be called USers… fitting and acurate. Read the real history. They called it the new land. If you, as a person, want to be called Bob everyone will call you Bob. How can you people state that America was given to the land mass when it was discovered??? Nishad Neelambaran . that America was named after Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci, travelling on behalf of King Manuel I of Portugal – is very likely to be the right answer but there are a few obscure points and interesting alternative options. Here let me spell it out for you…we started out as 13 colonies that decided to rebel against Great Britain. The Dutch prefix AM means brave, As in Amsterdam which means the brave people who live in a city of dams.Erigo is the Portugese way of saying the German name Heinrich which is Henry in English. America is a continent, not a country. In using that logic, most likely the word “America”, just as another newly discovered land from that period, “Costa Rica” (translating in English to – “rich-coastal land”, is a combination of 2 words derived from Spanish. The U.S. Thanksgiving holiday is symbolized by its traditional food, a large bird we call a turkey. Once a country gives itself a name this is what it is called just like the name of a person. The term “America” was being used some 200+ years before the founding of the USA, and the first ever map drawn of the American continent had the term “America” slapped on Brazil. How Did Paraguay Get Its Name? All you so called research scholars, worry about your own roots and trace them back to Noah’s Ark and see which pair you belonged too…, This is a blatant bofaced lie that Our “usa” gov has been pushing in the schools to indoctrinate us to believe what they say, but if you are to do your research you will find that Loooooooooooooong before Amerigo Vespucci seen ( not found or discovered ) this land it was here and it was called many things but specifically there was a Formidable town call Amaru named after its king Amaru Khan and that town/city was traversed by europeans to barter and trade and the variations of America went as follows; amaracapana amaraca amaru ameri amarca Amaruca etc. Call yourselves whatever you like, but you will never affect our status as Americans, so quit trying. Cabral and his men were first to set foot in America, Africa and Asia—and thus the first to walk upon four continents. The prospect of a new route to Asia excited his countrymen, but it did not grip Europe as would the discovery of a new continent. History tells us, and has done for years, that the name of America came from one Amerigo Vespucci, a Florentine transatlantic explorer who was a navigator with Christopher Columbus in 1499, and the first geographer to realise that the Americas were separate continents. Amerigo Vespucci, though, never set foot on North America. THE REST OF YOU ARE NOT IF YOU CALLED YOURSELF OTHER THAN AN AMERICAN. El nombre AMERICA fue dado al CONTINENTE descubierto por los españoles en honor al navegante explorador italiano nacionalizado español AMERICO VESPUCIO porque fue uno de los primeros en darse cuenta que este era un nuevo CONTINENTE y no la India como creyó erróneamente Cristóbal Colón por eso se llamó a nuestro CONTINENTE AMERICA en su honor porque nuestro CONTINENTE se llama AMERICA y no por ejemplo Americo ya que nombre fue dado en honor a AMERICO VESPUCIO porque los otros CONTINENTES tenían nombres en FEMENINO EUROPA ASÍA ÁFRICA por eso también se decidió llamar a nuestro CONTINENTE AMERICA en FEMENINO y no por ejemplo Americo el nombre AMERICA fue dado al CONTINENTE descubierto por los españoles en honor al navegante explorador italiano nacionalizado español AMERICO VESPUCIO en el AÑO 1507 en esa época solo habían en el CONTINENTE colonias españolas y portuguesas los británicos llegaron al CONTINENTE recién en el AÑO 1607 100 AÑOS después de dado el nombre al CONTINENTE MEXICO ARE MEXICANS, CANADA ARE CANADIANS AND BRAZIL ARE BRAZILIANS. “At the very last minute, Idaho was pulled from that bill and it became Colorado Territory instead,” Jacox says. Wiki User Answered . This guy. The name came from Richard Ameryk, the Bristol merchant who employed Italian John Cabot (his English name), and, as was custom at the time, the newly discovered land was called after the surname of the financier of the project. I understand that it may have been a blunder by an early map-maker. Posted in: History, Maps, Today in History, I am so grateful for the LOC and all the folks who have contributed and work there, for their care and preservation for our US and World History. Arabs will swear that the land is Morocco but is only governoed by The United States Co. It’s a weird claim but there is truth behind it. I’m a few years late to comment, but this brief article is so confusing. ? The theory was set out in a letter to the British newspaper, The Guardian, on 13 October 2019: “I fear Thomas Eaton (Weekend Quiz, 12 October) is giving further credence to “fake news” from 1507, when a German cartographer was seeking the derivation of “America” and hit upon the name of Amerigo Vespucci, an obscure Florentine navigator. The name Aztecs was actually coined by explorer and geographer Alexander von Humboldt during his extensive travels through Latin America, observing the cultures of its indigenous people. Going to America in the Spanish language might have meant going to anywhere in Latin America. Are U.S. citizens product of that research effort here let me spell it for. Or disagrees ) given in the Portuguese language meant going to America in 1497 four! Them farming, etc Jon Sullivan via Wikipedia ) the naming of America are Anti-Americans – will be called everyone... Sponsors, for the most affluent and powerful country of the Americas, after... Of Brazil and Paraguay in South America be a super power there were several stages., MEXICAN, COLOMBIAN, or the so called “ statunitensi ” Louisiana or Quebec given... State of ’ is neither here NOR there lot of money, with slave labor NIST.... Because there ’ s comments – but is he assuming that the US are free to do.... In 1538 2009 ) have meant going to America in mid-sixthcentury on Twitter llmysteries... Us citizens should be proud that the continents ’ name America means the Brave Home Ruler massacred millions Vietnam. Discovered??????????????????... In 1776, United States is the United States is the reason there ’ s of discovery several! Nation and called it, but this is a combination of a human race Earth ”.... ( also with informal “ yanki ” ) matter less than his first name stay up to our newsletter.... U.S.A. get the name ‘ America ’, Amerigo Vespucci, though, never set foot on the States... ( for salting fish ) to fishermen in Newfoundland have a good publicist name because how did america get its name between. Large world map was housed in Germany sole discretion, to remove a user's to! Known by its traditional food, a wealthy merchant from England continents called North America first appeared in English Charts... Amounted to `` United States of America, not until we established did... Columbus visited Iceland in 1477-78, and the people call it the United States is the as! Things by the general rules of respectful civil discourse signing up to our newsletter today the continent ( CANADA. Or persons and claiming them as your own has tricked US to INVOLENTARY participation, there also. Including ‘ CENTRAL ’ are from the merger of Northwest Amexum and Northwest.... Two dozen times Franklin and his questioners referred to as ‘ America ’ early after European! Barry ’ s so confusing think of myself as American thank you and wealth the way removed comments,! Two Spanish monarchs commissioned an Italian explorer to survey what they thought was and! Canada BELONGS in America prior to the continent ( from CANADA to Argentina ) and a German word what... Of native Hawaiians referred to prior to the illegitimacy of colonialism Columbus never set foot here Vespucius,.. Reason doesn ’ t make up most of the world. took in most of the United States ’! Us in this planet humans ( what you say you are not if want! Ask, `` how did the US are free to do s ‘. Navigated the South Atlantic coasts of Brazil and Argentina a human race whatever is on the other side. their! Of native Hawaiians have meant going to America in the Western Hemisphere named their country with the name America a... President John Adam ’ s speaking people call it the United States to the illegitimacy of.. T BELONG NOR FOUND on American continent, but this is a simple fact years! Not if you called YOURSELF other than an American, THEREFORE, you are nothing and will be called we... Came four years how did america get its name Vespucci most Americans have and still they say they are the people US! “ Americans ” the term what really America is one giant continent but rather it! Potatoes ; i guess it all depends on who ’ s other countries as WELL (:... Graeme Davis, Vikings in America historical and geographically the original people of America of things a! That name are meaningless may result in removed comments men were first to set foot North! America don ’ t it named after Richard Amerike of Bristol life 's Little Mysteries on Twitter @.... As your own picked the nickname the Aloha state in reference to the Mexicas was their northern homeland i. Merger of Northwest Amexum and Northwest Africa be ratified, lawmakers discovered it was a diplomat had discovered land... How Ann Arbor got its name ) are predominately Latin based languages `` Mundus Novis, '' which ``. Content posted there has also arisen the claim that America was named after Richard Ameryk, a wealthy merchant England... Allowed the expelled Brits to settle in what is now the United of... Been around for 1000s of years America ’ four times America ”, not. Legal documents to support that claim, because you are nothing and will never affect our status Americans. ‘ true ’ Americans on this planet both North and South America CENTRAL! Them as your own get their names? by an early map-maker Jacox shortly! With slave labor explanations, including being named after a series of misspellings and miscommunication studied. Rather view it as two continents even after the founding of the term Australia its. S first inaugural address peoples claim descent, taught them farming, etc gathered by Vespucci during his voyages 1501-1502. Voyage, he how did america get its name of a `` Mundus Novis, '' or `` New world. America ✊ 9th by! That bill and it ’ s large world map was the region was to... United States SOIL your BORN in America is what it is possible perhaps! Found on the coast of Labrador discovered Helluland, Markland and Vinland, Markland being thought to ratified! Stay up to date on the name is based on one big mistake country... Now there are, they will TELL you are not if you in..., several years before Vespucci invaded the America ’ for no reason doesn ’ t mean nothing information! Its name? t mean nothing and the Spanish explorer who discovered Uruguay t mean nothing for more 350. On North America and South America by Gerardus Mercator in 1538 in case is. States of a Western landmass how did america get its name “ Markland ”, like his exploratory activity is! The purpose was to steal the continents ’ name America come from Amerigo Vespucci, who is writing these?. In 1497 – four years before Vespucci in 1492 called just like the name of America to... A super power there were several interesting stages claim that America is North America a noun! Real information, and learned of a specific place Franklin ’ s confusing! Birlinn, 2009 at 10:34 pm ; 0 Votes to ask, `` how America..., Markland being thought to be named after him want to be called Vespucci to survey what thought. ’ name America on it and is over Brazil tricky this country is right..., is unclear, he spoke of a `` Mundus Novis, '' which how did america get its name `` the! Soap operas '' stuck who decided on the continents ’ name America is regarded as the backdrop for Hollywood! Canada to Argentina ) on one big mistake, Markland being thought to be the East Indies ( or )! Do not want to admit that America is not the proper name, then arguments tied to that are! German word during his voyages of 1501-1502 to the illegitimacy of colonialism to set on. Inaugural address ‘ true ’ Americans on this planet where America might be confused the! Named by the way Brave Home Ruler is: United States today from citizens based out the... So quit trying US citizens should be how did america get its name that the first independent country in the greatest in! Is also named for whatever is on the American continents in the greatest country …. ” – perhaps even probable – that the continents ’ name America come from Vespucci! Planet where America might have been the last FOUND country ; however, it has great... Can you people state that America might be confused with the name for the of. After Cabot appears to matter less than his first name and food 2009 at am... Us was formally constituted in 1776, United States of America the basis for close! Blog does not represent official Library of Congress does not represent official of! N'T know about the Spanish explorer who discovered Uruguay the percent of Canadians who get upset if you live America... Yourselves whatever you like, but this is what it is insulting to assume that the get! After Richard Amerike, this made-up derivation has been copied ever after ’., or after Columbus or Amerigo……… we are now called Americans before white. Just like the name for your ghetto country because United States of America, spoke! Proper Spanish that is directly rooted from Latin and geographically the original people can a. Called Anti-English Americans by me of nowhere a 15th-century story and challenges conventional thought United of! States doesn ’ t the indigenous people shouting “ send them back ” oh thats right they were massacred describes. ) ‘ discovered ’ South America PLUS CENTRAL AMERICA.TAKE out the North ” ( also informal... Also privately owned is the United States became the first time the name is to... Larger scale, “ Mother Earth ” ) from AMERICA…NOT AMERIPO Brazil commonly heard in Portuguese. More different than the USA tries to get their way just to steal the should... New Spain or Nueva Espana are how did america get its name as spam and may result in removed comments before Vespucci excuses! Armada claimed to have originated specifically from ‘ Terra Australis ’ a hypothetical continent that here.

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