Paul: The Other Candidate For 12th Apostle. Barnabas saw and heard Paul’s love for the Lord when Paul preached in Damascus. Peter and Paul. Saul in Jerusalem 25 One night, however, his disciples took him and lowered him in a basket through a window in the wall. The exchange in Galatians 2 is revealing of both their relationship and their corresponding teachings. Paul is walking on the road to Damascus in order to arrest Christians in Damascus. We only have Paul’s account of this, found in Galatians 1:18. Paul’s big change of heart made his preaching even more amazing. When Paul was filled with God’s Holy Spirit, he preached boldly that Jesus is the Son of God. In Corinth, Paul met Priscilla and Aquila, who became ... (198 AD) mentions this of the places in which the remains of the apostles Peter and Paul were deposited: "I can point out the trophies of the apostles. For if you are willing to go to the Vatican or to the Ostian Way, … Apostle Paul did not abandon Jesus when he needed him most. Instead, he opposed them to the face at times. Paul said that when Christ called him, he did not go to Jerusalem to receive instruction from the apostles. 1 According to his recollection his first encounter with Peter happened in Jerusalem, three years after his dramatic conversion. Paul was not an apostle in the traditional sense (Acts 1:21-22). While two men were chosen to take the twelfth place in the Apostles lots were drawn and Matthias was selected as the twelfth and final Apostle. Many people were talking about Paul’s teaching. In fact Paul did not even meet Jesus in person and became a "Christian" believer after Jesus died and rose again then when up to Heaven. Paul (known as St Paul of the Gentiles in the Catholic church) is the choice of many Christians to replace Judas Iscariot as the twelfth Apostle. There were twelve apostles, and there was Paul. The Acts of the Apostles record that Paul received three apparitions of the Lord Jesus Christ: 1) Paul’s Vision on the Road to Damascus (described in Acts 9, 22, and 26). A bright light surrounds Saul and he hears a voice claiming: … Of course, you are at least partially right because Paul was not intimately acquainted with Jesus as were the other apostles. Paul did meet Jesus on the road to Damascus, as recorded in Acts chapter nine. Even then, the only apostle he met was Peter, and the only other leader he met was James, the presiding elder of the Jerusalem church. went to the "land of the man-eaters," in what is now the Soviet Union. Both martyred in Rome about 66 AD, during the persecution under Emperor Nero. Through the course of the gospels, we are introduced to the twelve apostles. Paul was beheaded. Andrew. Paul had met Jesus on the way to Damascus. Paul was not included among them, nor did he consider himself of them. 26 When Saul arrived in Jerusalem, he tried to join the disciples, but they were all afraid of him, not believing that he was a disciple. After an intensive discipleship course and following his resurrection from the dead, the Lord fully commissioned the apostles (Matthew 28:16-2, Mark 16:15) to advance God's kingdom and carry the gospel message to the world.. We find the names of the 12 disciples in Matthew 10:2-4, Mark … Rather, he retired into Arabia for a time and not until three years later did he go to Jerusalem. Paul was Saul until he met Christ on the road to Demascus, so really all of the disciples were actually apostles, they just did not carry that title like we refer to w/ Paul. An apostle is defined as someone that Christ called out to carry His word to all the nations but that person actually "saw" Him and was "with" Him. Jesus Christ selected the 12 apostles from among his early followers to become his closest companions. But how did Paul first meet Peter and what was the purpose of this meeting? Peter was crucified, upside down at his request, since he did not feel he was worthy to die in the same manner as his Lord.

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