Int'l. Fuel stabilizing additives may be used to extend fuel life. Each Tip has a specified range of acceptable oxygen pressure. Na, wer hätte das gedacht: Katie Price war tatsächlich mal mit Teenie-Schwarm Gareth Gates zusammen - und zwar heimlich! Price: Call For Price. A Damaged Wick will have a brown “cooked” appearance. Oxygen bottle turned off and stored with transport safety cap installed, Take the time to find a stable, comfortable position, Use what's available to rest or stabilize the torch and or the operators hand, Use one consistent speed of travel throughout the cut. Identify a point above or below the snag where the cut clearly penetrates completely through the material. Remove the Tip and Mixer from the head of the Torch. He will remain on the phone to verbally walk you through the training while an operator demonstrates the training on the live feed. Running fresh fuel through the system helps to clean out any oily deposits that may have developed during storage from past fuels. With the spring compressed, slide the Valve Stem through the Valve Body and screw it into the Nut on the opposite side. Standard Systems do not include additional Oxygen Valve protection and Regulators should be disconnected from the oxygen tank during vehicle transport. Maintaining positive pressure throughout the oxygen system safeguards the oxygen line against fuel contamination. Contact us at or 719-596-1175 Facebook; Google; YouTube Petrogen, Inc., Colorado Springs, Colorado. Place the Pump Cylinder back into the Fuel Tank, and tighten it with the Adjustable Wrench. Performing clean, fast cuts requires practice. Relieve the pressure in the oxygen line by depressing the High Pressure Oxygen Trigger. The natural cooling effect created by the liquid fuel evaporation protects the Mixer and Tip against overheating. Ten minutes before your scheduled time a Petrogen trainer will call to confirm your spot, and ask you to visit this page to access the below live feed (requires high speed Internet). The Mixer does not require regular maintenance, however it may require attention if any of the following problems is encountered. Replace the Wick (Part #1802) located on the Mixer. Purging the line may take up to 2 minutes per 25 feet of hose. Pre-Heat Oxygen Packing Nut - located under the Pre-Heat Oxygen Knob (Torch). Replace the old pump cup with the provided spare located in the Spare Parts Kit (Part #4002). Use the provided Packing Nut Wrench to tighten the High Pressure Oxygen Valve in the Centerbody. 2 talking about this. For further advice, Live Online Training or repair information contact us at 1-877-88-TORCH (6724) or at Pay extra attention at the beginning of the cut to ensure that the flame has completely penetrated the material before proceeding. To decrease the amount of pressure delivered to the torch, turn the Regulator Control Valve counterclockwise while depressing the High Pressure Oxygen Trigger on the Torch. The Mixer sits directly beneath the tip inside the head of the Torch. In a well lit area, look straight down into the head of the Torch. 37 A), and push it into position by hand. Details about Petrogen Cutting Torch Oxy/gas. China Petrogen Cutting Torch For Sale - Select 2020 Petrogen Cutting Torch For Sale products from verified China Petrogen Cutting Torch For Sale manufacturers, suppliers on Take the following actions: NOTE: A common operator mistake is holding the Tip in the middle of the kerf (the gap were steel was removed), and depressing the High Pressure Oxygen Trigger in an attempt to burn or dislodge metal or slag which is holding the cut together. The Heavy Duty Igniter (Part #8011) includes both a Handle and Flint. To reset the valve, close the Fuel Valve on the tank fully, and tap the top of the knob. Repeat this until no fuel drains from the hose into the tank. Do not remove the Filler Cap completely until the Fuel Tank pressure has reached “0”. Fuel and oxygen hoses connected and secure. Install the spare High Pressure Oxygen Valve found in the spare parts kit. We have expertise in Front End Engineering, Technical Design Reviews and various types of studies like debottlenecking/ revamping which enable our clients to fully realise value of their assets. Failing to allow the Tip to fully heat will prevent proper flame adjustment. Hold the Bushing in place using the Spring. This is easiest when done with two people. Petrogen Cutting Torch cutting through 180mm thick plate steel. If the Pump Handle is pushed up by the pressure in the Fuel Tank, or if fuel is observed leaking from the Pump Assembly, please contact Petrogen directly to process a warranty repair. Tighten the Tip Nut in a clockwise manner using an Adjustable Wrench. We also conference call separate lines at your request. Additionally, the liquid fuel rapidly increases in volume as it expands into a gas, creating a greater oxy/fuel velocity as it leaves the Tip, ultimately driving more BTUs into the steel. If the unit must be repaired in the field, take the following steps. Remove the damaged O-rings and replace them with the provided spares from the Standard Spare Parts Kit (Part #4002). The reflected heat will bring the Tip to its operating temperature allowing the fuel to fully vaporize inside the Tip. Fuel Control Packing Nut - located under the Fuel Control Knob (Torch). This will ensure the fastest activation of the Fast Flow Check Valve. Unscrew the fuel tank filler cap until the sound of escaping air can be heard. Be prepared for a small amount of fuel (approximately 1-2 Tbsp) to come out of the torch tip while the air is purging. Hover over the feed for play/pause and full screen options. Contact us at or 719-596-1175. Place the Spring, Retainer and Seal back into the Nut. Replace the Wick (Part #1802) located on the Mixer. Below diagrams … Disconnect the oxygen hose from the torch and oxygen regulator. This is essential knowledge when cutting through air gaps, layers or difficult shapes because it is the contribution of BTUs from the burning steel that allow these operations to be possible. Generally 1/4 inch is sufficient. We also provide training for the Petrogen Cutting Torch… Using the Adjustable Wrench (Part #6022), remove the Tip Nut and Tip from the Torch Head. For GSA pricing details, please contact us by phone, email, or fax. Remove the fuel line from the fuel tank and place the hose end into the fuel tank. Use a metal can or other approved fuel container to catch the fuel. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. If the Leather Pump Cup is dry to the touch, lubricate it with a medium viscosity oil. Snug the fitting with an adjustable wrench. Oxygen leaks from the Tip center hole while the Pre-Heat Oxygen Knob is fully closed and High Pressure Oxygen Trigger is disengaged. It is also best practice to check system components for serviceability before each use. Fuel stored in the Liquid Fuel Tank and/or fuel hose longer than three months, without a stabilizer will become stale and may reduce performance. There is one large and one small O-ring. Once through all layers, proceed with the cut normally, using the ‘V-Cut’ technique whenever needed. (when using a Multi-Fuel Adapter: 1/2 turn – purge – 1 full turn), When using a Multi-Fuel Adapter open the Torch Fuel Control Knob (3) precisely 1 full turn). We would like you to love our products, however if for some reason you do not. If there is a significant buildup of debris between the layers or there is difficulty achieving penetration through all layers, it may be necessary to increase the forward speed of the cut and increase the size of the ‘V’ until complete penetration is achieved. ), (*Never use liquids or abrasives to clean this connection), Tighten the compression fitting below the Fuel Control Knob, Tighten packing nut under the Pre-Heat Valve Knob. After ignition, rest the Tip directly on the steel at a 45 degree angle for 5 to 10 seconds. First contact us at or at 1-877-88-TORCH (877-888-6724) to schedule a spot between Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. (Mountain time). Petrogen may require the product to be returned to the factory for examination. And anywhere you can get bottled oxygen, you'll be able to get bottled acetylene. Located on the Fuel Tank, the Pump Assembly is comprised of two assemblies: the Pump Cylinder Assembly and the Pump Shaft Assembly. There will be no sound through the feed. All checks for deposit and balances due shall be payable to the order of Thompson Auctioneers, Inc. 5. Remove the oxygen regulator from the oxygen bottle. To install the Mixer, place it small side down into the Torch Head (Fig. Remove the High Pressure Oxygen Valve Stem from the High Pressure Oxygen Valve. NOTE: Tampering with the tank pressure relief valve voids the warranty for the entire system. Don’t push the torch forward as this will direct the material toward the operator. GSA pricing is available to GSA Authorized Purchasers. Begin a new cut with the intention of cutting around the snag at the bottom. If the only fuel available is old or fouled the system can still be operated without damage. The Petrogen Multi-Fuel Adapter allows operators to use heavy fuels such as kerosene and diesel fuel. Slide Tip Nut over chosen Tip. Inspect the High Pressure Oxygen Valve hole in the Torch Centerbody to ensure it is free of debris. Place one edge of the Leather Pump Cup into the Pump Cylinder. Use the Packing Nut Wrench to hold the Nut and tighten the Valve Stem with a flat head screwdriver until it is snug. Though cleaning the preheat flutes will produce a more stable flame, cleaning the high pressure oxygen center hole directly affects cut edge quality by enhancing laminar flow of the oxygen jet. 2.5 Gallon Fuel Tank (Standard): Fill to 2 gallon Weld Line, indicated by the welded seam on the upper half of the tank. Clean the Tip and/or Mixer seating surfaces. Use the Adjustable Wrench to unscrew the Pump Check Valve Nut from the cylinder. That means that operators can use diesel, kerosene, biodiesel, JP-8/5/24, as well as gasoline. We also provide training for the Petrogen Cutting Torch. A rich setting allows more liquid fuel to enter the head of the torch. Classes will be held at the Petrogen Breach Lab (PBL). Unscrew the Pump Shaft Screw Cap from the pump cylinder. Once the fuel exiting the Tip becomes a liquid immediately close the fuel valve. Once a molten puddle has formed and begins to drip (spider out) perform the following three actions simultaneously. Hobart Light/Medium-Duty Heating Tip — Oxyacetylene/Propane, #6 Rosebud (MFA), Model# 770169 Victor Technologies 34,878 views The evaporating fuel will quickly cool the Tip to room temperature. Any Petrogen product found to be defective in materials or craftsmanship will be repaired or replaced at no charge during the warranty period (25 Years). A cost of about $8.00. Hold the torch above the level of the fuel tank and open the fuel control knob on the torch eliminating any vacuum which might keep fuel in the line or torch. The movement of the torch head will create a small trench which molten material and expanding gases will follow. Pre-Heat Oxygen Valve Packing Nut - located under the Pre-Heat Oxygen Knob on the Torch. 20). Maintain this position until the heat from the burning of the top layers has passed through the air gap and ignited the layer(s) below. Maintain a 1/4 inch coupling distance and observe beneath the preheat flame for a molten puddle to form. Place the preheat flame in the location of the desired hole.

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