In answer to this intriguingly complex question W. P. Ker, one of the greatest ballad scholars of the early twentieth century, ventured to say 'In spite of Socrates and his logic' that 'A ballad is, What then is a literary ballad? They are generally slow in tempo and build toward a loud and emotive sing-along crescendo. Fundamentally, “a ballad is a poem that tells a fairly simple story” (narrative). > a love song. Welcome to The British Literary Ballads Archive, a site dedicated to a unique genre of literary imitations of traditional ballads. The rhyme scheme of the ballad is usually abab or aabb. If so, you're a fan of the ballad, whether you like it or not. Review the list of ballad characteristics students began during the previous session (or use the Checklist for Ballads to review the characteristics). ", Hardy's "Ah, Are You Digging on My Grave?" The balladeers' envied relation to art form and audience has enjoyed a repeated privilege of discussion, but is reiterated most tellingly in the act of imitation itself, where a poet's urgency for anonymity contends with the overall self-consciousness of the performance. The relative emphasis given these two aspects of the form depends upon which aspect of balladry interests an individual poet the most. Learn ballad literature with free interactive flashcards. The ballad is at the intersection of poetry and song, from traditional folk ballads crystallizing out of the mists of ancient oral traditions to modern literary ballads in which poets use the old narrative forms to retell traditional legends or to tell stories of their own. Ballads are typically love songs with loving and meaningful lyrics. The basic form of the ballad is iambic heptameter (seven sets of unstressed & stressed syllables per line), in sets of four with the second & fourth line rhyming. One of the most common types of spoken literature is a ballad. With regard to the characteristics of poetry, look deeper—the poet is still telling us that what seems simply picturesque by description will work hard in the hands of the gardener or farmer. Despite great variations among individual examples, the literary ballads as a class are conscious and deliberate imitations of folk and broadside ballads.' It is a condition in which the people are not divided by political organization and book-culture into markedly distinct classes, in which consequently there is such community of ideas and feelings that the whole people form an individual. Wordsworth uses this essay to declare the tenets of Romantic poetry, which has distinctly different preoccupations from the Neoclassical poetry of the preceding period. The story exists for its own sake. They are printed poems rather than songs, and they have no traditional life. The story is told through dialogue & action. Have students investigate more characteristics of ballads on the Early Child Ballad, The Ballad, Characteristics of the Ballad and Music of Poetry: Ballad and Blues Stanzas Websites. It includes language that indirectly conveys information about the characters, relationships. A ballad is a simple song consisting of verses with stanzas and a common refrain. It has 4-line stanzas, the first & third lines have four stresses & fourth line has three stresses. Third-person objective narration: Ballad narrators usually do not speak in the first person (unless speaking as a character in the story), and they often do not comment on their reactions to the emotional content of the ballad. Folk ballads were originally composed by anonymous singers & were passed down orally from generation to generation before they were written down. The Evolution of Balladry What is a ballad? Each stanza has four lines. All of these studies, and briefer introductions to literary terminology such as M. H. Abrams' A Glossary of Literary Terms (5th ed., 1985) and John Peck and Martin Coyle's Literary Terms and Criticism (2nd ed., 1993), contain definitions of the ballad I shall forgo repeating here; but the point common to all is that when critics discuss the ballad they refer to the traditional pieces readily available in Child's The English and Scottish Popular Balladsand in other supplementary collections by his successors.

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