if Manav again then it ensures that he has once again Great opportunity to realize this BLISSFUL DIVINE SPIRITUL BEING that is ADH SHAKTI – God / Eshwara. 3) Even earth got pillars. pls give ur coment. quran and Islamic law is ever green to the end of day brother. Compare with Hindus. Vedas are not Quran that contain many ABROGATED verses, so I think you should study well before criticizing anyone. So I REJECT BIBLE AND ACCEPT JESUS AS A TEACHER because he taught good morals (just Like Gautama Buddha). What is our goal? I am founder of Agniveer. The Hebrew bible uses ‘Hodu’ for India, which is a Judaic form of ‘Hindu’. or can u list the rule from Veda the scientific basement of country, leaders, politics, law, judiciary, court and penal law? Your intelligence is as usual,beyond words. God is loving and he wanted his creation to be loving. Why Allah teaching is not perfect & eternal like him.Why he changes his mind by sending different teaching time to time? But the animals which are harmful to agriculture , they may be killed. Regardind Science in Vedas i would refer you to this compilation by jounalist Salil Gwali the link is What is India – http://www.slideshare.net/sgewali2000/wik-4904972. Come. I was always searching for the fact on Gaumutra. “ahimsa paramo darmaha”— not in bhagwad gita even. sorry for rudness. Remember, we’re talking about written texts. Can a Hindu like Zakir Naik deliver speech freely on Hinduism or Sanatan Dharma in Pakistan Karachi city owned by any personal channel, no never, you janoony fanatic people would destroy that hindu within a minute. “…Clearly, the root of the problem is the radical Islamists’ overwhelming jealousy of the achievements of the West. And many of my Christian Friends have agreed that the Bible has been edited many times. Bad the you, good the you, how you conclude about Satan as your Quran says about Satan. Zakir Naik proclaims based on Mohammed’s Quran that Muslims do not believe in Reincarnation. I’ve understand that a slave will always remain a slave be it yesterday, today or tomorrow I’m happy you and your likes shall always be slaves. Next time you come across this propaganda, simply copy paste from here. or a way of life? Vedic people don’t have to do that about other religions. I have read the Veda, nowhere I read such things. What religion do they follow? He feared God because of the sin in his heart, and the sinfulness of the people he dwelt among, but he did not panic. It is not your fault it is a great fault of your parents that they did not guide you enough or misguided you about Religion. Please don’t brand our Vedic gyan with your scholarships in future. How many ordinary persons can understand the Vedic statement that moon is created out of Bramha’s mind and sun originated from his eyes. I hope you will be blessed. He wrote in quran that men are allowed to have 4 wives, but when people started questioning on his wives, he said, i am prophet, i am allowed to have more.. He is boosting your religion even without misinterpretations and lies about your holy book. wo chahata tha ki log usme bhi visvas kare. But imagine a population that remains a kid even at age of 20, 30, 60, 80 and till end of life, and keeps hating others simply because this was what was ingrained the deepest and earliest in them. Thus, the tradition does not totally reject or condemn the idea of the non-existence of God, although a majority of Hindus believe in him and worship him in numerous forms. Why did he shown partiality. BUT god can’t be biased which means Mohammed is not a prophet. Your favorite justification appeared to be at the internet the easiest factor to be aware of. “The Bull has supported the sky.” Yajur Ved: 4:30. No son hath He begotten! OUR BROTHER’S WILL DEFINITELY GIVE THIS WEBSITE LINK TO OTHER BLOGS AND WEBSITE AND COUNTER JIHADI PROPAGANDA.. Who told you Muslim children are brainwashed?? If they went to hell, they went there without any fault of their own and if they went to heaven then what was the need of Jesus/Bible? No one needs speak ill of your prophet because you yourself reveal him to be disreputable. . First I did not realize while I joined them in office because I considered them like me I used to eat foods they brough from their homes but I realized they never have any thing from my home made food, then I asked them why you are not eating my food they rplied becaue we are directed by our Mohammed Prophet not to eat any non muslims unless he becomes Muslims first. When you dont know Hindi how could you find Hindi translation by Pandit Shri Ram and how could you know they have scientific errors at all? Krishna was not a prophet. 1-Rig veda,2/12/2, He who fixed fast and firm the earth that staggered, and set at rest the agitated mountains, Who measured out the air’s wide middle region and gave the heaven support, He, men, is Indra. And Hindus rightfully strongly recommend staying away from gazing sun during those times. This term ‘Indoi’ was used in Greek literature by Hekataeus (late 6th century B.C.) make ur imams, Mullas, joker naik, understand ur way of understanding Islam if they accept it we will be very pleased…and thankful to put some thought to ur way of understanding religion…, Jihad is fight against fight of evil attributes and non muslims are all evils acc to islam…. There are more than 20000 hymns in Vedas.Most of the hymn has two meanings.One is of science and the other is about God.There is such a science in Vedas which has been discovered by the God.But there are some laws which still needs to be discovered.But when we read its translation by fools,we would certainly go away from the Vedas.Everyone should leanr and teach the Vedas honestly and necessarily.But,due to bad luck,poeple are deviated from the Vedas due to frauds in our society.They are in the form of Pandits,Mullas and Padaris and the so-called monks. It seems that muslims love to say lies in front of others. I dont understand why all these muslims are arguing on Agniveer. Hindu is one who discards the mean and the ignoble. though u may say any thing but being a hindu its my duty to tell you “May God bless you and lead you towards the right part of knowledge”. copy paste? U.S.A. destroying Muslim countries, Afganistan, Pakistan, Irak etc but Muslim are divided & engaged in killing there fellow brothers on issue of who was last prophet, which cult of Muslim would go to heaven etc.

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